Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The ruling class let their mask slip revealing who really runs the world

in this eye opening video on you tube

a clip from the BBC news channel yesterday they interview a hedge fund invester to talk on teh global economic crisis. He reveals how the ruling class capitalists really see the world and who really has the power. He stated that there is nothing anyone can do about this oncoming crash and its going to be huge. Far bigger than 2008 and we must get prepared for this as people are going to loose a lot of money.

he went on to say when questioned what can governments do to give confidence to the markets. He replies that is a tough question. Fact is now none of the investers have any confidence in any rescue package and are dreaming of a recession as they see it as a way of making money.

The stark honesty of this guy tells us for the first time how the ruling class elite work and how they see a recession. They do not care about people or the destruction it may cause the social impacts only making money.

The guy goes on to say governments do not rule the world, Goldman sachs do. A very telling point i think as i think he is spot on. The governments do the capitalists dirty work making investing and making money easier. They really have no power at all when it comes to the running of their system.

I think as marxists we have known this for a very long time and have been warning people that this is coming long before others in the media caught on. This next crash is going to eclipse the 2008 banking crash. Whether we can recover or be left in a stagment flat economy with little to no growth for a very long time it remaisn to be seen. But it does bring back the point that all cuts need to be opposed limiting the cuts as some on the left seem to strive for will turn out to be fruitless and make no difference at all. We must oppose all cuts to jobs and services and look to push this system down. The working class when strong and organised is f ar more powerful. Class war is really kicking off and we must be ready for the fight of our lives. We simply cannot loose many are saying.

I'd recomend all to watch t hat you tube video though and just think what it really means and who holds the power. It is not government or the tories as you are told. They are just the puppets of a capitalist system ripping this planet and its people apart for what ? for money dirty filthy money and that is all they care for.

We need a different system a system based on peoples needs over greed and profit. A system of socialism where the wealth is not concentrated among a few but the many.

Join the fight today and resist wherever you can. THis is not just about the tories being incompetent thsi is far more than this now.

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