Monday, 30 August 2010

Why i feel the NHS direct should stay

Why I feel the NHS direct should stay

Firstly please can you sign this petition if you can

To save the NHS direct service. It is a non emergency telephone number there to provide a way of taking the volume of 999 calls down. So if you have a query or a general medical question you can be diagnosed over the phone and helped without clogging up Accident and Emergency.

Now the Tories clearly feel this is a bad thing and blocking up accident and emergency is the way to go. But have they thought of the consequences that cutting this service will cause? A lot of people rely on an out of hour’s service like the NHS direct and I feel this should be saved. This will also mean loss of jobs and this wont come cheaply having to lay staff off. Just cutting wildly away at public sector organisations is a costly process. Lying off staff will cost them as the wont just go for nothing.

We hear that the con dems want to replace with a cheaper more efficient service. This is all well and good but it is no doubt going to be run by a tight budget and they will be running on a shoe string. No doubt there will be less people taking calls and as a result people not getting the help they need. So in the end this will end up costing the NHS as a whole more to deal wit extra patients that could otherwise de dealt with over the phone.

Just another example of the tories attempt to destroy the NHS in my view and we must oppose this.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

what kind of leader would David Milliband be ?

The labour leadership contest has interested me greatly and this is one of my first blog entries on the matter. As some of you may or may not know I am backing Ed balls for labour leader with David Milliband coming in as my second preference. I hear that the favourite to win this leadership contest will be David Milliband and I deem that to be correct. As much as I’d love Edballs to become leader i just don’t see him getting enough votes, it as the media suggest sadly a contest between the millibands unfortunately. I must state I have nothing against either of them Ed or David as it goes. I think they would make excellent leaders. David as the more senior and most experienced in a previous labour government and an excellent polititian. I am sure that David Milliband will win now but what kind of leader would he be.

I'd love labour people Members or supporters to comment on this blog post. We all know about his leadership campaign but what sort of leader would he be?

Being foreign sectary for the last labour government David did well and has excellent foreign contacts including Pakistan of late. The Pakistani prime minister has publicly been known to be in good contact with David and the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

I think although inevitable being involved with the last labour government will be thrown at David I think he is a new fresh leader that we so badly need. David has recruited thousands of local volunteers to help become new leaders in their own r light. Having raised the most amount of money David is the strongest by far.

I don’t think it can be over estimated having the majority support of the whole party. It is key to having a party to move forward and getting the party back on side. David will do this and hopefully rebuild the party as He Sea’s fit.

I only have gone for Ed Balls as he can take on the Tories well and hit them where it hurts. I think David Milliband will be a different opposition to the rest and David Cameron will find it hard to take on David Milliband in the commons as he is not a shouty shouty leader but a more reasonable politician. I firmly believe David Milliband will beat Cameron every time as he is more intelligent. David Cameron is well brought up but I think David Milliband will always have the edge on him having experienced life a lot more. I think David Milliband will connect better with voters and ordinary people. Although I will be voting David Milliband as my second preference as I don’t think he'll hit the Tories as hard, I think he will still just with a different more sneaky strategy. I am sure that David will get Ed balls heavily involved in tackling the condemns and he would be right to in my opinion as Ed has done some excellent things in taking on the Tories and the lib dems especially Michael Gove on the slashing of the building new schools projects .

I think the biggest task for any future labour leader, if it is to be David then it will be to unite the party and get it all focused on the donems as a whole. We all know the Lib dems have taken a huge plummet in the polls and the Tories still advance onwards. But to bring them both down we need to focus on attacking them both rather then just the Lib dems in my personal opinion. Never before in Labours history in opposition have we had to attack two parties instead of one but this time if we can overcome these two parties we will have done well.

I still feel 2015 is achievable with a strong opposition who stick to their clear message. Air on the side of the worried British public, - who are becoming increasingly alarmed with the rate and the extent of these cuts to public services.

Quite frankly the private sector will not be able to cope with the loss of jobs in the public sector and the condems have not realised this but the private sector is not strong enough to cope with this major loss of jobs in the public sector.

Next year mark my words will be an awful year, lots more people out of work, rising VAT and other rising taxes. As I’ve said before people get the government they deserve. If people are stupid enough to believe what the media was saying we needed change well this is what we have. A change in destroying public services and the good things the labour government did for you all. Now to have it all taken away.

Anyway that is all for another blog post

All I wanted to ask people and I hope I get a good response on this topic is what kind of leader would David Milliband be and how would he put labour back on the map. I would love to know how he would make labour re-electable as I feel with the Condems treading fine ground with a solid opposition and a good campaign we can win back power at the first time of asking. Although this will pan out long and hard I still think there is a lot of fight left in Labour to make this happen.

I am a bit concerned we need more time to regroup but if David Milliband and his army of volunteers and local leaders can work then there is no reason why we cant win back power in Westminster and get back into government.

I am visiting Harlow in Essex on Monday night attending a David Milliband event. I hope I can ask a question or hear his views for the future of the labour party and also a future labour government hopefully as that is what we must aim for I believe now. I believe it is achievable and certainly with the negative press the condems will pick up between now and 2015 there is no reason at all that we cannot shake off our Brown and Blair image and become a party for change and a party for the people again.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

David Cameron and his war on benifits

As we read today the prime minister David Cameron has waged war on benifit frauds Let me make this point clear i have no problem with taking people off benifits who clearly should not be getting any benifits and are clearly cheating the system. that is not my issue.

As you may or may not know i'm registered blind and hope i will not be affected by these benifit cuts and tests and the like. I dont mind being medically assessed as long as its fair and does what it needs to do and doesnt chop anyone off who still needs help.

While its all well and good going on the offence trying to get people off benifits who should not be claiming any who clearly do not deserve this i feel that there is a bigger problem.

Hearingthe figures that even if the government manage to take people off benifits who should not be on them they will only recieve back 1 billion pounds. when you put that in context comparison to the bigger economic problem this doesnt really gain us enough money back. I feel the bigger problem and could yield us more money back is going after wealthy tax dodgers.

These are often multi millionaires who have silly amounts of money. tackling these wealthy criminals and bring more money back into the economey will be a far better way of helping our financial deficit.

As we all know this will be badly over looked by the con dems who are fronted by the lib dems but have the tories pushing them out in front of the media to defend their hard lined cuts.

Wealthy tax dodgers will never be properly clamped down on just like MP's will never seriously be dealt with over their expenses and everything as they are too much in league with the tories and other polititians. If the tories went after their wealthy benifactors and peers they would be upsetting their own so no wonder Cameron will carry on waging war on the public sector and the less well off. As these are his natural enemy and always have been.