Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ireland votes yes for fiscal treaty but no mandate for austerity fight continues

With the result of the euro fiscal treaty in Ireland and its results all now in I thought I’d look at the results and what this means to the fight back against austerity and the battle for a better fairer, socialist future .
It is clear to me examine the results closer that many working people where effected by austerity badly voted a strong no. Where the yes vote won was in the middle class’s and those who are on that borderline who still are just getting by, just and just it is as they too will be swallowed up in this crisis in capitalism now due to voting yes and effectively handing over economic powers to the EU to institutionalise austerity on Ireland and limiting their options of a way out. We still do believe as the socialist party and the CWI that there is and can not be any quick fix’s or easy solutions to this crisis on the basis of capitalism as has been shown already with their refusal to look at anything apart from austerity.

We put forward our programme to link to workers in struggle to help workers draw the conclusion that tinkering with the system is not enough and ultimately we must fight for wide scale system change and the defeat of capitalism for the benefit of all people.

This below was the statement from the United Left alliance which the socialist party CWI in Ireland our sister organisation out there in the republic of Ireland are party of and have sitting TD’s and a MEP too in the European Parliament and were part of the No campaign for this recent referendum.

In a statement today the ULA said the people were bullied into voting yes. The Government did not put up any good arguments in support of this treaty. They agreed a blackmail clause with the EU and then used it to bully the people. They said we had no choice even though they took an active part in agreeing to link the treaty with access to funding in the future. Many of those who voted yes did so reluctantly.
Despite the campaign of fear, huge numbers voted against the treaty. Across the country those most affected by austerity have said no and sent a message, particularly to Labour, that they have had enough of austerity. It is now clear that Labour’s way is Frankfurt’s way. Labour will continue to put the boot into ordinary people to pay for the debts of bankers and developers. Labour has no mandate from its supporters to implement austerity.

The ULA is confident that the resistance to austerity in Ireland and Europe will deepen in the next few months. The promise of government that the treaty will bring stability is false. There will be no stability. The treaty does not offer a way out of the economic crises. It will make it worse by institutionalizing austerity across Europe.
We will continue to campaign and mobilize against austerity. We will continue to demand the scrapping of the Household Tax and other policies which impose the burden of bank debt on working people. The ULA will continue to offer a real alternative to the failed policies of austerity.

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