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Monday, 27 August 2012

Why I continue to fight for socialism

As things go from bad to worse around us and the cuts seem unending. The crisis in capitalism is ever deepening it is so easy to think oh well this task is far too great for us to change anything and besides we have no power anyway. Wrong, I believe there is huge potential now more than ever even back in 1917 there were not the similarities in the situation as there is today. All over Europe workers are facing much the same attacks if one countries working class came to power this could easily spread like wild fire. I continue to believe in the need to change society to a socialist society When the majority of people on the planet continue to live on less than a dollar a day struggling to feed themselves quite clearly capitalism for me and a growing number of people is a bankrupt system. Change in society is happening constantly we believe as Marxists in historical materialism where capitalism has not always existed and it won’t always exist now. As Marxists we look at the world differently we look at it as a process and the development of human beings through the ages is littered with revolutions even capitalism was brought about through revolution in many countries like Brittan and France to start with breaking with feudalism. There are still elements of feudalism still remaining today such as nation’s monarch’s these play a role in capitalist society to maintain rule and so called order. Why am I still plugging away spreading the ideas of socialism true socialism not the bastardised versions of Stalinism or reformism. Revolutionary Marxism with a aim to change society not just tinker with the system but remove it for good to allow everyone the world over to live healthy, happily and safely breaking from exploitation need for pocession greed or any other form of capitalist nightmare. Capitalism cannot be reformed towards socialism and capitalism itself can never meet everyone’s needs it is a system designed on the basis of the drive for profit for a few who own the means of production. Class’s in society which are often misunderstood by many all revolve around the means of production if you don’t own the means of production and are forced to sell your labour power to work your working class if you own the means of production and ability to create more profit you are a capitalist and apart of the ruling class. Its this part of society we wish to do away with we want the working class to become the ruling class in society in affect doing away with all class’s as Marx put it in the communist manifesto. I believe deep down we are all natural communists and we are living unnaturally under capitalism we are not naturally greedy or exploitative as much as bourgeois historians would like to make out. As Marx described in the early forms of preminitive communism things were shared out equally and people shared in the running of society. Socialism believe would be far more advanced than that as the science an understanding we have gained ever since we will take with us. The fight for the winning ideas and the correct ideas is key to myself and others I don’t believe we will ever achieve full equality under this current system and genuine democratic socialism is needed to benefit all of us. If many people realised why they work and that by working they produce the huge profits for their boss’s I doubt they’d be so keen on working instead of believeing the story of working hard for that next holiday. People are gradually waking up and will be won over to socialist ideas in the coming period I’m sure of it. I’m always happy to debate anyone and enjoy doing so an arena where we can debate ideas and tactics is needed. A new workers party is that arena. I was once a member of the labour party to my eternal shame these days no young person looks towards the labour party for guidance or support. It’s a spent force for workers and young people alike. Its time to fight to change society and through the socialist party I’ve been inspired and given the confidence to attempt to do so. The coming period will be difficult but will open up many opportunities which workers can take we have to be ready, ready with the ideas and the practical solutions to the way out of the current crisis, personally we’ve had plan A, plan B and C its now time for plan S, plan SOCIALISM ! On an international basis.

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