Sunday, 14 October 2012

24 reasons for a 24 hour general strike

Below I will describe 24 reasons as to why we need a 24 hour general strike to bring down this gov or at least start the fightback to doing so. So without any further waiting1 1.. the carving up of the welfare state by this con-dem government. The biggest cuts we’ve sen to welfare for a generation. 2. The privatisation and the passing of the health and social care bill meaning an end to the NHS as we knew it. 3. The trebling o tuition fees, enough to rile any young person today university tuition fees now are on average 9K a year. 4. Slashing of EMA for young people to stay on and get an education. 5. Over 1 million young people are now unemployed no thanks to this government of Tory millionaires. 6. The criminal slave labour workfare scheme making young people work for nothing to get their benefits. 7. 5 million officially on the housing waiting list and very few truly affordable council homes. 8. While the poor get poorer the rich get richer every week. Gap of weather between the very rich and very poor widening under this gov unlike any other gov . 9. The continued use of ATOS by this government assessing disabled people driving many to suicide due to the stress of it all. 10. Public sector pensions cut we’ll now be working longer, paying more and getting less for it. 11. cutting of housing benefit to those under the age of 25 making it near on impossible for young people to find home of their own let alone afford one. 12. new food banks are opening up every week in Britain, this is not widely reported but is a absolute disgrace, Not that they are opening to help those in need but the fact that we are one of the richest nations in the world and still yet have food banks. 13. Rising unemployment and those who are under employed in total that figure looks more around the 6 million mark a shocking statistic whatever way you look at it. 14. A slash and burn culture on our employment rights. Tories wish to be able to sack us on the spot to improve competitiveness in the private sector. This is all about driving down wages, terms and conditions. 15. Pay day loan sharks. Wonga, the pay-day loan company, saw its profits almost treble last year to £45.8 million. The number of people seeking a loan from Wonga to bridge the gap between stagnant wages and rocketing bills and food prices, has quadrupled. With an interest rate of 4,214% APR, Wonga and companies like it trap people in a poverty cycle for years. 16. A massive plan to privatise almost everything that moves. Including our NHS, police, Ambulance services, local council services, Bus’s, trains you name it al to their rich mates in the private sector to make a nice quick buck out of. 17. The news international and Murdoch scandals phone hacking and the closeness of politicians to the media and the police is beyond comprehension. Corruption goes deep at the heart of the establishment in Britain. 18. Only an estimated 15% of the cuts have been made making another 85% still to come a fight back is needed now to stop the cuts in their tracks before the rest rain down on us. 19. The Libor fixing rate affecting millions of workers 20. Government-instigated hate campaigns against the disabled and unemployed 21. Banks laundering drug money 22. Still billions being wasted on pointless wars in Afghanistan where our troops are being needlessly killed and for what? British imperialism. Troops out now. 23. PCS estimate 120 billion pounds goes evaded every ear by big business and corporations this could pay for most if not all of the deficit in one fail swoop, Tax the rich or take their wealth off them for good. 24. Together we can win. If we stand together fight together fight every cut up and down the land we can win. But we must have an alternative and that alternative must be a fight to end capitalism for good replacing it with democratic socialism. Of course there are far more reasons for a general strike like the disgusting closing and treatment of the Remply workers and the attacks on education by Michael Gove such as Free schools, academies and the changing of the GCSE marking which are all fair enough reasons to strike against this gov. The need for a serious and determined resistance is clear - which is why the historic vote by the TUC to pass the POA prison officer union's motion is so important. It called for "coordinated action where possible with far reaching campaigns including the consideration and practicalities of a general strike". This offers us a way to take on the Con-Dem cuts. The Socialist, a weekly paper of the Socialist Party, is 100% committed to backing and building the campaign to make this happen. We back the likes of Bob Crow, Mark Serwotka and others who have called on the TUC to now name the date for as soon as possible after the 20 October demo.

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