Monday, 17 June 2013

Turkey - Police launch brutal assault

Yesterday Turkey's security forces launched a large-scale brutal attack, using tear gas, water cannon, plastic bullets and beatings, on a peaceful concert and protesters in Istanbul's Gezi park and Taksim square. As reported in today's Observer: "NUT executive member Martin Powell-Davies was part of a British trade union delegation that had approached the fringes of the square as police moved in. Protestors gather outside Gezi park - Frame grab from video sent to the Socialist Party by Martin Powell-Davies (Click to enlarge) "He said: 'There was a concert by a well-known musician with hundreds of people and families in a festival atmosphere in the square and then suddenly from all sides the police came with water cannons and teargas.' "He struggled to speak as he choked on teargas and protesters regrouped to chant anti-government slogans. "He said: 'There are hundreds of Istanbul residents who have come out on to the streets to show their opposition. They are banging the shutters in protest at the sides of the streets.' " The full article in the Observer can be read by clicking: Turkish police storm protest camp Martin send the Socialist Party a video clip of the protest outside Taksim square. Oktay Sahbaz from London's Daymer centre has urged Socialist Party members, supporters and others to send protests to Turkey. He said yesterday evening: "Police have attacked people in Taksim square and Gezi park when they were having a concert. Hundreds of people have been injured by extensive use of tear gas, water cannon and plastic bullets. A delegation of trade unionists from Germany, Britain, Holland and Switzerland were at Taksim square when police attacked. Some are thought to be injured and tear gassed. Thousands of people from all over Istanbul are marching towards Taksim square. In all, in 81 cities in Turkey, protests and demonstrations have started. Children who were in Gezi park at the time of the attack have also been attacked and tear gassed. Early reports are suggesting that a nine year old child is fighting for his life after been tear gassed. Water cannon vehicles have been driven on top of people hitting and injuring people as they were trapped under the vehicle. We need your help! Please send protests to the below government organisations to demand a stop." Oktay interviewed Martin Powell-Davies over the phone. Click here for interview. Please phone or send your protest to the following numbers/addresses: The Turkish Republic, Prime Ministry Tel: +90 312 422 10 00 E-mail: Fax: +90 312 422 18 99 Mayor of Istanbul Tel: +90 212 204555953 E-mail: The Turkish Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs E-mail: Fax: +90 312 418 12 60 Turkish Embassy in Britain Tel: 020 7393 0202 Fax: 020 7393 0066 Turkish Consulate in London Tel: 020 7591 6900 Fax 020 7591 6911 E-Mail

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