Friday, 4 July 2014

Learning the lessons from the last 4 years of austerity

We simply can’t go on doing the same thing and hoping the results will be different. There is a sort of year 0 approach going on on the left right now in regards to the upcoming public sector strikes on July 10th over pay. A black spot on the left is it it rarely looks back over its own history and analysis’s its own role in the situation and where it went wrong. So as we head into another big strike day in the UK the same bold statements are coming out from various left groups and sources. We must all get out for this day build for July 10th etc etc yet no lessons appear to have been considered since the public sector pensions dispute back in 2011 which saw up to 2 million people take strike action on November 30th. So we not remember the role played by the union tops in the selling out of this dispute the heads of agreement that was made behind member’s backs? Well I do and I did not even take part in the strike action myself. We must warn workers when taking strike action this time around to be aware of their leaders looking for a quick deal and to get away from escalating action as quickly as possible. The last thing a union wants is a dispute it cannot control. The last big dispute was organised top down in a much regimented fashion The way a strike is built is very key when it springs from the bottom up much like the sparks dispute back in 2011 the union finds it far harder to control and a lot more militant action can be built. I do think we are lacking a good rank and file movement to hold union leaders to account and to even go beyond them if need be. Workers should be in control and own their own battles and not leave it up to unelected full time officials of various unions. Failing to learn these lessons and following the same actions and ideas of various left’s is a recipe for further defeats and demoralisation I’m afraid. Lastly I’d like to offerm y full solidarity and support to those taking action on july 10th but this cant be a one off day out on strike furter action must follow and soon.

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