Monday, 18 August 2014

The long slow death of the great British Pub

I come to you all with sad news. Every eek 10 pubs close in the UK if this trend continues we will not have many pubs left in 10 20 40 years time. This for me is a tragedy. I know some of you may be glad your partners will not be heading out to the pub for much longer but this is a trend and one that is not all together positive. The drinking culture in this country has changed drastically in recent times. The days of a social drink with your friends is dieing off with today’s young people I’m afraid. With many young people growing up going out or staying in just to get drunk not enjoy their drink and socialise and meet people. It’s a speed thing where the faster you get drunk the better for many. For me this is alien. I do like my drink I won’t deny this but for me it’s a social thing. The chance to meet new people talks to regulars and discuss the days news, politics, sport and for me football in particular is a great help for someone who is not naturally a confident person and has lots and lots of friends. I may go out a few times a week to drink and meet people for me its not so much about the drink or the quantity or the alcohol percentage its who I meet and the overall pub experience. I often see it as a place to escape and chill out and I do think this social aspect has been lost in many of today’s drinkers. Much of the decline of the pub trade can be linked to higher taxes, higher rents and cheaper and cheaper drinks that can be brought in supermarkets. For example I can buy a pack of 4 fosters in my local Tesco for £3.50 while in my local pub a brewery owned tenancy I wouldn’t even be able to afford one pint of Fosters. Ok I live in Ware not far from London a fairly affluent area some may say but even around here there is poverty and many surviving on the local food bank and welfare. The disposal income and the amount of cash in their pocket is reducing all the time with the cost of living going up and up and wages standing still and quite often going backwards in many case’s. So what can be done to help pubs and enable the industry to survive and a great British tradition saved?? Well I think there is much that can be done by government in terms of tax breaks. With local councils they can be more helpful in terms of the local rates being looked attend a fairer local rates scheme should be considered. I do think the decline of the British pub coincides with the similar decline of the high street I don’t think this fact can be dismissed. So I will keep loyal to the pubs around my area and the people I know working hard to keep them a place for all. I just find it incredibly sad we are letting the pub trade go to the wall. It’s not too late to save it but a country full of Weatherspoons as cheap as they are is not my ideal scenario. We do still need our local independent pubs big and small they make a town and a city what it is. They should be the vocal point of the community a place for all. Do support your local pub and the local ales which are also on the decline sadly. Let’s reverse this trend and make pubs a cool place to be again where the beer is good and the atmospheres are good and work for all.

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