Tuesday, 10 August 2010

David Cameron and his war on benifits

As we read today the prime minister David Cameron has waged war on benifit frauds Let me make this point clear i have no problem with taking people off benifits who clearly should not be getting any benifits and are clearly cheating the system. that is not my issue.

As you may or may not know i'm registered blind and hope i will not be affected by these benifit cuts and tests and the like. I dont mind being medically assessed as long as its fair and does what it needs to do and doesnt chop anyone off who still needs help.

While its all well and good going on the offence trying to get people off benifits who should not be claiming any who clearly do not deserve this i feel that there is a bigger problem.

Hearingthe figures that even if the government manage to take people off benifits who should not be on them they will only recieve back 1 billion pounds. when you put that in context comparison to the bigger economic problem this doesnt really gain us enough money back. I feel the bigger problem and could yield us more money back is going after wealthy tax dodgers.

These are often multi millionaires who have silly amounts of money. tackling these wealthy criminals and bring more money back into the economey will be a far better way of helping our financial deficit.

As we all know this will be badly over looked by the con dems who are fronted by the lib dems but have the tories pushing them out in front of the media to defend their hard lined cuts.

Wealthy tax dodgers will never be properly clamped down on just like MP's will never seriously be dealt with over their expenses and everything as they are too much in league with the tories and other polititians. If the tories went after their wealthy benifactors and peers they would be upsetting their own so no wonder Cameron will carry on waging war on the public sector and the less well off. As these are his natural enemy and always have been.


  1. I am only expecting the worst as I am already treated badly by the benefit system. I claim DLA but not ESA as the medical assessment leaves 90% of people with my illness apparently "fit for work". I think disabled people in this country are treated horribly and in my opinion, it can only get better for us. Take care x x x

  2. i totally agree with you, i am also disabled being registered blind i am very worried that the con dems attacks on benifits will not take much needed money away from those who need it most, also i hope money can be given to those who do deserve more of it such as yourself.