Monday, 30 August 2010

Why i feel the NHS direct should stay

Why I feel the NHS direct should stay

Firstly please can you sign this petition if you can

To save the NHS direct service. It is a non emergency telephone number there to provide a way of taking the volume of 999 calls down. So if you have a query or a general medical question you can be diagnosed over the phone and helped without clogging up Accident and Emergency.

Now the Tories clearly feel this is a bad thing and blocking up accident and emergency is the way to go. But have they thought of the consequences that cutting this service will cause? A lot of people rely on an out of hour’s service like the NHS direct and I feel this should be saved. This will also mean loss of jobs and this wont come cheaply having to lay staff off. Just cutting wildly away at public sector organisations is a costly process. Lying off staff will cost them as the wont just go for nothing.

We hear that the con dems want to replace with a cheaper more efficient service. This is all well and good but it is no doubt going to be run by a tight budget and they will be running on a shoe string. No doubt there will be less people taking calls and as a result people not getting the help they need. So in the end this will end up costing the NHS as a whole more to deal wit extra patients that could otherwise de dealt with over the phone.

Just another example of the tories attempt to destroy the NHS in my view and we must oppose this.

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