Friday, 14 September 2012

New employment laws, benefiting no one

The new proposed employment laws Vince Cable is looking to introduce will benefit no one. Won’t benefit companies who complain of too much red tape as will be found out in other ways and it certainly doesn’t help workers whose rights see further erosion under this con-dem government. Business Secretary Vince Cable has proposed a cut in how much workers can claim for unfair dismissal at employment tribunals. He will consult on plans to cut the limit on compensation payouts to a maximum of 12 months' salary. He also wants to bring in settlement agreements, in which staff agree to leave without being able to go to a tribunal, but get a pay-off in return. Proposals to make it easier simply to fire workers will not be made law. The suggested changes come on top of others made in April, which limited unfair dismissal claims to workers who had been in a job for two years, rather than one as before. Sarah Veale from the TUC told the BBC that the proposals were still wrong. "The clue is in the term 'unfair dismissal'," she said. "If people have been unfairly dismissed, this means the employer has done something wrong and its right that the tribunal should then decide what sort of compensation the person deserves," she said. Furthermore, employers need to be aware that this cap will not apply to claims brought against them in discrimination cases, where the cap on payouts is unlimited." Which is good as many businesses will be gunning for union reps as trying to victimise any workers looking to stand up for others. Whether this will water down the chances of unions and union reps fighting back we will have to see but clearly the government has it in for workers still and this is just another attack on the working class. Many of these changes were dreamt and thought up and compiled by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft who we all know a few months back wanted business’s and the boss’s to have the ability to fire any staff on the spot without any comebacks or any legal misunderstandings. This kind of free market thinking of hire cheap and fire cheaper is what free market capitalists dream of and must be opposed every step of the way by unions and workers alike.

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