Monday, 25 February 2013

Child poverty rates up in Hertfordshire

Yes you heard that right in leafy Hertfordshire which is largely a Tory stronghold has seen child poverty rates increase in recent times. Up to a third of children living in North herts are reported to be living in child poverty it has been shown. UP TO a third of children in Comet country are living in poverty, with the latest figures showing a large divide between different towns and wards in the Area. The Child Poverty Action Group, which released the figures, says there are “gross levels of inequality” between areas which neighbour each other. One such example is in parts of North Herts, with nearly a quarter of children living in poverty in Hitchin Oughton, compared to less than five per cent In Hitchin Priory. A similar pattern has emerged in Letchworth GC. Letchworth East and Letchworth Wilbury have 24 and 25 per cent of children living in poverty – nearly double The number in Letchworth South West. The worst rates in the county, though, can be found in Stevenage. A third of children living in Bedwell are in poverty, while one in five or more are in Six other wards. The town average is 20 per cent. Overall poverty rates in Comet country are also up on last year, and there are fears things will only get worse. Gary Grindal, who is chairman of Howard Cottage Housing Association as well as a Letchworth Wilbury district councillor, said he was concerned welfare reforms, Coming into effect in April, would increase rates. “Those most likely to suffer under welfare reforms are those already suffering,” he told the Comet. Comet country wards in Central Beds have lower poverty rates than Herts, with 10 per cent of children in Stotfold and Arlesey and Shefford living in poverty. Overall even in the so called better off areas of the country there is still poverty and it’s increasing at an alarming rate due to austerity which is only set to continue. It’s time to expose these lies that the cuts are necessary and there is an alternative and we need it now.

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