Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tell David Lloyd No to commercialisation of the Police In herts

Our beloved Police and Crime Commissioner not happy with coming out with other ridiculous ill thought out ideas before on charging arrested people for their night in a cell whether guilty or not has now come out with another idea straight from the Tory box of money making stupid ideas. Today David Lloyd thinks that sponsoring the police is a good way to go to raise cash for the force while the Tories force through 20% cuts to the police. Police cars, uniforms and equipment could carry sponsors’ logos to raise money for the force under a plan unveiled by Police Crime Commissioner David Lloyd. The idea for businesses to advertise through the force and even have products officially endorsed by Hertfordshire Constabulary was first proposed in Mr. Lloyd’s Police and Crime Plan. In the plan, Mr. Lloyd writes: "The strong commercial brands based in, or operating within Hertfordshire may see business sense in collaborating with me on a range of direct sponsorship and corporate responsibility ventures. "This could include sponsorship of elements of my Drive Safe initiative or sponsoring traffic calming measures outside our schools. "Finding new and innovative ways of securing funding will ensure that the people of Hertfordshire can continue to enjoy exceptional policing as well as low taxes. "I will establish a commercial unit to assess properly and implement a range of proposals to partner better with business." Speaking to the Watford Observer Mr. Lloyd expanded on the idea and said he would welcome contact from businesses interested in sponsoring the force through direct advertising. He said: "From a business point of view anything is possible. What a disgrace. Bringing sponsorship into our publically funded police to allow private business to benefit from this is an idea that we should not entertain. It no doubt is a Tory dream but no way should our police become a marketing tool for a multinational or a local business for that matter. Police although are not class neutral as we well know should not be seen to be endorsing a certain brand, company or a for profit organisation. I’m disgusted to hear of this plan. Were we told of this before David Lloyd was elected with a 14% turnout in Herts ? I’m sure if we’d all know about this he wouldn’t have even got that vote.

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