Monday, 11 March 2013

Council cuts in East of England in figures

The shocking figures out today give us another glimpse at the devastating impact of the cuts on local government and local councils. EAST Herts is one of the few local authorities in the East of England which has increased its workforce according to figures released today (Monday, March 11) by the GMB union. It says that Britain's 407 councils now employ 380,500 fewer people than when the coalition government came into office. The number of employees of 52 local authorities in the East of England fell from 217,500 in the first quarter of 2010 to 170,400 in the third quarter of 2012. This is a fall of 47,100 or 21.7 per cent since the General Election in 2010. The fall in Essex is second only to Central Bedfordshire, with the number of employees down by 10,071, or 24.3 per cent, to 31,372 while Herts is in sixth position with a drop of 1,669 or 4.4 per cent to 36,085. In Harlow, the district council's workforce has fallen 22.8 per cent, down from 601 to 464. In Uttlesford the drop is 2.1 per cent, down from 335 to 328. However East Herts payroll increased by 12, up 3.2 per cent from 374 to 386. These are hard hitting devastating cuts. We must point out as the GMB union has failed to mention a few of these councils are labour run and across the country many big cities have a labour council doing the tories dirty work for them. Very little opposition inside the council chamber has been heard a few notable exceptions who have now been expelled or in the process of expulsion for daring to vote against cuts. If no resistance is built inside and outside the councils this figure will only increase as the cuts deepen. TUSC will be looking to provide an electoral alternative across county council elections this may do support TUSC and get involved if you can to fight all the cuts and privatisation going on. Let’s not give labour a clear run to take control of more budgets to wield more axe’s at our jobs and services. Unions like the GMB instead of bleating about how bad the cuts are. Hello we know how bad they are we’re on the sharp end of them how about organising a fight back? If you’re too far up labours ass to see the wood from the trees it’s time to get out and break the link. Funding a party who are making cuts is a disgrace and its time union members reclaimed their unions and turned them into militant fighting unions for the 21st century.

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