Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Labours shameful position on immigration

During their years in government labour were the friends of the boss’s as we well know and actively encouraged high levels of immigration which not only brought a hell of a lot of low skilled workers into the work force it did create tensions in the working class we have to be honest. The affect of high immigration has to be seen through the eyes of the boss’s. The boss’s of many of the largest and most profitable multi nationals use immigration as a tool to lower wages and conditions. Immigrants tend to come from much less well off lands and are happy to take work at a low end to work their way up. This has an affect of driving wages down as the competition in the labour market is a concern to the British working class. We as socialists must fight every form of nationalism racism and divide and rule. We should look to fight for everyone to get the rate for the job not to do as labour do claim immigration of low skilled workers is far too high now. It’s important for trade unions to reach out to migrant workers much like the RMT is doing fantastically with the cleaners who are being used to undercut wages. The RMT has rightly recognised this and are fighting for cleaners to get the rate for the job and a living wage. We cannot be falling into the trap of the capitalists of a classic divide and rule strategy. Labour has played a shameful role in terms of immigration and they show no sign of changing as Ed miliband describes in his piece today in the papers. In today’s Daily Telegraph Ed Miliband is quoted as saying “I believe that diversity is good for Britain but it's got to be made to work for all and not just for some,” the Labour leader says. “That means everybody taking responsibility, everybody playing their part and contributing to the country.” During the 2010 election, Mr. Brown had to apologise after he was overheard describing one pensioner who raised concerns over immigration as a “bigoted woman”. Gillian Duffy confronted the then Prime Minister on camera during his campaign visit to Rochdale, Lancs. Mr Brown’s private frustration was broadcast to the world after he stepped into his car while his microphone was still live. David Cameron has set a target to cut net migration to the “tens of thousands”. However, in his broadcast, Mr Miliband suggests that limits must apply only to workers with low levels of training. “Low-skill migration has been too high and we need to bring it down,” the Labour leader says. This will mean “maximum controls” for eastern Europeans entering the European Union and “properly enforcing the minimum wage so people aren’t brought here to undercut workers already here”. Mr Miliband again draws on his personal family history, telling viewers that his father, the Marxist academic Ralph Miliband, studied English after he fled the Nazis for Britain. Anyone working in a government-funded job in which they face the public should “be able to speak English”, he says. With quotes and extracts taken from

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