Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Immigration Immigration Immigration

Immigration is the buzz word around the news right now if you’re an immigrant you’re being targeted be it through racist immigration vans, UKBA as I discussed earlier or a "health tourist". Whatever a health tourist actually is I do not know and frankly don’t want to know it sounds sinister and an excuse for more r racism. No doubt with the rise of UKIP all the political parties have shifted to the right to look to see them off this has appeared to ramp up the ante immigrant feeling we hear a lot of today. Over the last year and a bit I’ve experienced a lot more racist comments allot of them are casual and off the cuff remarks but certainly a rise in racist comments and anti immigrant comments from the general public. I don’t think this is a coincidence and I don’t think people are anymore racist by before but they are seeing far more racist propaganda all be it often disguised very well by politicians of all sides all the time and a constant barrage of anti migrant and veiled racist attacks in the media. Not a day goes by without a comment in the media about terrorists or Muslim extremists. How convenient when a white man the other day was reported to have been arrested for attempt to blow up a mosque in Wolvrahampton yet was not described as a terrorist or a terrorist suspect by the BBC. This all for me is a concerted agenda here trying to set a narrative of divide and rule. It’s as old as capitalism the plan to divide workers down racial lines get us turning on our neighbors and fellow men and women turns the focus away from the real class enemy . I do try and challenge these views whenever I can but we are facing a difficult task when all political parties in the mainstream are pumping out lie after lie on immigration and the problems we face from this supposably. People are understandably concerned about immigration but often this is a mask for their real concerns of a lack of housing and decent well paying jobs. As we well know it’s far easier to blame someone you don’t know who has just come to the country looking for a better life than to blame your boss and fight back. I don’t think people are naturally racist I think their conditions and the communities they live in can produce prejudices which can spread and develop. People more often than not have a good heart and are kind to each other wherever they come from but there is always a minority who don’t and these people must be challenged in our own communities too. There is never acceptable form of racism or discrimination of any sort. At the present time people’s fears and worries are being exploited and used against them. We must not give in to this abuse of people. We are all working class whether you were born here or not. We need to have solidarity with our fellow human beings who are facing abuse on a daily basis. As was reported following the tragic murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwhich, attacks on Muslims and people of Arabic origin shot up considerably we were told no doubt due to the hate campaign conducted by our media and the government who whip up peoples fear for their own ends more often than not to tighten laws and restrict our civil liberties. Immigration is always going to be a feature of capitalism free labour should be a right. Until we can end this rotten racist exploitative system there will always be oppressed people and if you are at all different you will be discriminated by the ruling class so they can laugh all the way to the banks quite literally in many cases’. Say no to racism, stand up for oppressed minorities and defend the right for people to settle here in the UK and make a life for themselves if they so wish. Immigration can be a good thing just think if we did not have immigrating the NHS would practically collapse over night. Let’s start to see the good things immigration brings us and the additions to our own culture we can all benefit from.

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