Sunday, 27 October 2013

The storm of 2013

So tonight we are expecting one of the biggest storms to hit the UK or the southern part of it anyway more so in a long long time. We are being told to not make journeys unless it’s essential. I have no doubt the weather agencies especially the BBc are covering their ass’s this time round as last time in 1987 Michael Fish famously got it completely wrong and told people not to worry no hurricane is coming and the next day there was mass destruction and 19 killed not his finest moment I would say. So this time around the authorities are taking no chances. My solidarity goes out to the emergency services on call all evening tonight and those who are without a shelter for the night. I am hoping the storm comes too little and people are safe and warm but I know this is just not going to happen. Capitalism is about consumer society where owning a home is seen as making it in society and those without simply go without. So with all the threats and scare stories of how bad this storm may be tonight do spare a thought for those who are out in the cold and the wind and rain tonight. With energy prices soar this winter and wages keeping low to non existent we can expect a long tough winter for many in the UK. Let’s have a bit of compassion and look to help out those who are struggling this winter. We can all help out whilst we organise ourselves to remove this rotten system of greed and exploitation for good. Stay safe all.

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