Tuesday, 11 March 2014

RIP Bob Crow A militant remembered

I am sad to pass on the news of the passing of Comrade Bob Crow this morning aged 52. The general secretary of the RMT union for many years leading them to successful victories time after time on pay, jobs and working conditions. I understand Bob died in the early hours of Tuesday the 11th of March 2014 of a heart attack. His death will be a huge loss to the labour movement not just in the UK but around the world where his militant stance and taking on the employers one admirers all over the world. While I didn’t agree with Bob on everything such as the his No to EU project and its semi left nationalism and his 145 k a year salary not taking a workers wage we cannot knock his record in fighting for his members and his class as a set of results. Bob was revered by the Tories and the labour party alike who saw him as a troublemaker and hell bent on strikes and bringing the London underground to a standstill. This was not true at all as you would expect me to say. The only reasons tube workers and their drivers got such good pay was through their fight and determination to not roll over and give in to the employer’s demands. I do hope Bob’s legacy is remembered well for me he was one of the greatest trade union leaders in his generation. I just hope we don’t see the crocodile tears from the labour party and their hangers on as they were no friends of the RMT or Bob Crow demonizing him on many occasions over the years. Let’s put our efforts in to making Bob's legacy a one he would have been proud of. As the big man would not have wanted us to mourn his death but to get organised and continue the battle for a better world instead as Bob more than most understood collective power in the workers movement. RIP and solidarity. To all who knew the man.

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