Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ian huntley

Huntley, 36, killed 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002.

Would just like a good rant really. This guy who was convicted of killing two young girls a number of years ago has today lodged a compensation appeal against being attaked while in prison. I am goin to have to take a little bitof a right wing view on this really. In my opinion Ian huntley commited his offence and is serving time in jail. To me the prisons in this country are far too soft on offenders. People who commit serious crimes including murders and rapes and all sorts of things like that should not have their human rights once they have been found to have been guilty. I'm sorry but the best way we can reform our prisons is make them tougher. there is no deterent at the moment and i'm afraid that is one of the big reasons for our prisons being too full. If there was a real deterant and there was a real disadvantage to going in jail i am sure 80% + will not keep reoffending. The fact is our prison service in this country is far too soft. People get a easy ride in there and when i hear of news stories like this where the offender is complaining at how they are being treated i cant help but think this is all wrong. i just hope i never see the day where prisoners and offenders criminals etc have more rights than the actual victim, that will be the day this country goes to teh dogs. We need to stop listening to these wet liberal figures and do gooders and sort these criminals out, maybe then we wont have such high numbers in prisons if there was a real fear of going in there. If Ian huntley was attaked in prison firstly how did we even hear of this, surely all this should not become public knowledge, it creates a possible sympathy for him and he does not deserve that at all after waht he done. in my links section of this post i will post the news story this blog post is replying to. feel free to take a read, If you dont know the case or have forgotton take a read of what happened.

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