Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ed balls on specialist education

Hi all and welcome to another blog entry from myself. i emailed Ed balls personally a month or so ago about specialist education. A subject that is dear to my heart as they helped me out a hell of a lot when i lost my sight and needed support. This is the email i recieved just now from Ed's team and why i think he would be such a great advocator of specialist education.

Hi Mark and thanks very much for contacting Ed Balls. I am really sorry for this awfully slow reply, but the truth is we've been inundated with communications of all kinds and we've simply found it impossible to keep on top of them all. As a result we've got a big backlog, so there's nothing personal in us replying so slowly to you!

As you probably know, Ed was extremely interested in issues to do with disabled children and young people when he was Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, and he took a keen issue in SEN. I understand that his view is that there is a place for special schools within the education system, within a broader policy to support inclusion. He has met too many young disabled children and young people, and parents, to think there is a single ideological answer to how best to meet their educational needs, and is a strong supporter of there being enough diversity in the system so that children and parents who want to choose a special school, are able to do so.

I hope this answers your question Mark.

Thanks again for contacting Ed and sorry again we've been so slow replying.

All the best,

Caroline Abrahams

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