Saturday, 25 September 2010

so its Ed M !

So after months of campaigning and hustings, debates and arguements. It is the younger brother of teh Milibands, Ed Miliband who is to become the labour party's new leader.

I would like to start by congratulating Ed on this. The vote was very close with Ed winning by 1 .3 %, it looks and how the papers are reporting it the unions swung the vote. If it wasnt for the union support David Miliband would have won, as he acumalated more votes in the members and MP votes.

Now that is all out of the way i think we can now hopefully look forward to uniting as a one big labour movement.

ALready David and others Ed balls have stated we must unite behind Ed. This is clearly standard talk, they are probably hurting and David especailly, reeling inside.

I fully expected David Miliband to win, like others he seemed the most crediable person to lead us on.

I am not disapointed it was his brother Ed wwho won, i will come to like him, i just guess i'm stunned a bit. At first i did feel a bit uneasy it looked as though the unions, of who are not all labour people helped him win it. I think that was a lot of peoples early reactions to this.

As for Ed's acceptance speech. It sounded like a speech constructed by someone who had not planned to win. But there he was and t o a keen young labour supporter it came across well, he said all the things he needed to say.

It wasnt particularly rousing or inspiring like other labour people have done, but i guess agian this is where i will have to get used to him a bit. I think a lot of journalists were right in what they said he will have to grow into the role, as any new leader does. I just hope now we can all move on and look forward rather than back. I think a united labour party can win elections, a divided and hurt labour party cannot.

I will stand behind Ed if he brings Ed balls onside in a major way, the guy is brilliant, He got my number one vote for this labour election and i hope he has a huge part to play in getting this party back to governemnt.

Now for this weeks annual conference in Manchester. I wanted to attend this but it turns out i and a friend were too late. maybe next year ay ?

but a few big named speechs i am looking forward to hearing. no doubt my man Ed balls will be one of the best.

Here is to a new labour, not new labour, but a new labour going forward, putting behind the poisonous fuds of Gordon brown and Tony blair from the past.

Lets unite and take on the con dems.

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