Monday, 27 September 2010

Labour go ahead in the polls

I have just come across a you gov official poll which suggests that the polls and teh current mood and feeling out there is.

CON 39%, LAB 40%, LD 12%;

I couldnt not blog about this excellent bit of news. i do get excited over the smallest things but hey ho. We as labour havent had much to shout about up till now, so i intend to enjoy this as much as i can. Given the new leader bounce that was expected from political commentators, this is earlier than expected i would say. Without Ed Miliband giving his speech to conference yet maybe this will only grow ?

also dont forget that the cuts havent even started to hit yet. GIve it till october or march and i would be hoping for labour, if we have a good time of putting our point across could be 5 points up in the polls. We can all live in hope. I just find this very significant personally and we as labour should make the most of this and build upon it.


  1. It is good news Mark, and confirms the recent trend. I would expect an increase this week, especially after Ed's speech on Tuesday.

    However, the tory party conference is next week, and they will claw some of that back-maybe all fo it. After that, the trend will continue - the key date is 20th October when the comprehensive spending review comes out - thats when our poll numbers should really take off, as people realise the harm the tories are going to do to the services they use.

  2. i totally agree with you john, will be interesting to see how the public react to the tories conference. i certainly feel a lot better now that we have a proper leader now than without one, we felt rudderless before. We need to form our credible alternative and get it out there to the mass's, that cuts are not unavoidable, they are a idealogy.