Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How small business's are struggling under the tories

As with a lot of small business's nothing has really improved under the tories.

Work has dried up for a lot of industries and it is looking bleak in the coming months.

This is no different for where i work a small manufacturing business which has no more than 50 members of staff and two workshops and a small office of about 8 people. This is a typical small business which relies on the contracts from public sector frameworks such as the water boards and sewage treatment works. All of these sorts of jobs have dried up with few if any new housing being built in the country despite us desperatly needing more and more.

With the addition of the VAT rise in January up to 20% now all of our suppliers have put up their prices so everything becomes a lot more competitive and harder to have that cutting edge on others in the industry.

Not only that but national insurance contributions are going up in April i hear which will affect workers having to contribute more to an already squeezed wage take home when you deduct tax and everything but also your company will have to contribute some too. Altogether this is not good news for a busienss like the one i work for. AWith jobs and work hard to come by these extra tax's and costs the tory lead coalition are throwing at us are simply not helping the situation.
The tories claim to be on the side of small business. I fail to see that personally they only people they are on the side of how i can see it is their rich banker friends from down the city.

I see no incentivs for small business's to employ more people like they want the private sector to do at all.

I'm no advocator of private sector work at all but as i happen to work in it i couldnt help notice these sorts of things. That the tories plans to help people into work by laying off people in teh public sector and hoping blindly that the private sector will pick up the fallout. This is just simply blind optimism from the tories i feel as they have no actual plan for this at all, no real awareness that the private sector is struggling too as a lot of it does rely on public sector contracts and work coming from there too.

As a result things are very tight and hard right now. I cant see things improving that much either with inflation going up and up and up.

Another period of negative growth and we are back in recession, i do see us going back into recession as things are just not picking up quickly enough or if at all. The tories have no plans for growth at all its just all cuts cuts cuts.

I do wonder if they have another plan

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