Friday, 18 March 2011

The pro's and con's to BBC's comic relief

So it is the time of year again where every celebrity with a record out in the charts or a new book to sell gets their ugly mug in front of the camara fora bit of publicity for waht is a good cause ultimatly.

Call my cynical in my not so old age but have we lost the meaning of things like Comic Relief and Children in need ? The format which hasnt changed for years focus's on certain parts of the world where people are dying or have problems getting by be that through disease or extreme povety.

As a socialist i need not remind people that the povety in the 3rd world as the capitalists like to call it even though we all do live in the same world even though you wouldnt know it sometimes. is all down to the obsurd system we live under called capitalism .

As Mahat Magandi rightly said we have enough on this planet for everyones need but not enough for everybody's greed. This is perfectly put i feel and strikes a chord with me and i hope you to. For years the western nations run charity projects like this there are so many from Oxfam to Children in Need even those that aim to cure crippling diseases like AIDS in Africa. The thing that gets me when i watch television charity fundraisers like this is how ridiculous our world is when we clearly do have the wealth and the means to abolish 3rd world povety by re addressing the balance of economic power handing the wealth to the many not the few but we never do.

People cry about how bad povety is yet capitalism still rules the way sadly. The only way we can eradicate povety in the world is by bringing abotu a socialist change a internationalisation of socialism which is not just a single socialist state which you might say Cuba is today socialism, for it to florish there must be a international solidarity feel to socialism this is where the CWI
Committee for a Workers' International

comes about linking up socialism with lots of countries around the worlda nd spreading its word.

But going back to my original point showsl ike Comic Relief although highlighting the good work done by campaigners tryign to deal with povety it will only ever go so far. Our pledges of donations to these causes will only go so far it is a systematic change that needs to come about. Letting these countries play their part in the worlda and not having the West's trade restrictions holding them back.

I applaud every effort shows like Comic Relief make but we must remember to go further we must call for bigger change than just bigger donations.

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  1. as you mentioned we also believe that comic relief is s disguise for celebrities to "sell their fish", sure it helps a lot of people but their motive isn´t necessarily to help.

    Sending food and money doesn´t actually have the desired affect even if, and I mean a big IF, they sent everything that they actually raised. It´s hierocracy, countries are just playing a role in a theatre production. If you help your neighbour it doesn´t reach the news, but if you "help" a family in a poor country that´s FRONT page news.

    If we really want to change those countries we really have to stop exploiting their resources for our own means.