Wednesday, 30 March 2011

latest update from stevenage anti cuts union

Stevenage Anti-Cuts Union:
Thursday 31st March
Shephall Centre Shephall Green Stevenage
Starts at 7:30pm

With echoes of the Poll Tax, the media has totally distorted the reporting of the march on the 26th of march. Colonel Gadhafi would have been proud of the TV coverage.The only people arrested were peaceful protesters occupying thesupermarketof the rich, protesting about the rich not paying tax. However about 100 Anarchists were allowed to run free to smash up shops and banks. The police said they could not control them, was it not a strange coincidence they were not only followed by the TV but, given the longshots from roof tops they must have known where and when it was goingto kick off! It was a show for the government to ‘ConDem’ violence,ignoring the 500,000 or more who were peacefully challenging the Cuts.The Poll Tax was beaten by millions refusing to pay, not by the demonstration, now the unions need to use strike action to make theGovernment pay attention. Strikes, occupations, and other forms of civildisobedience will beat this gang of millionaires running the country.
The TUC demonstration was the biggest for decades; half a million trade unionists and youth marched to tell theGovernment we will not stand by while we are charged for the deficit and the bankers get off scot free.The TUC was successful in mobilising hundreds of thousands on the streets, but the next stage is crucial: For a 24 hour public service general strike.
After the Demo, what now?
We must prepare for a fight.Stevenage Anti-Cuts Union Members of the Stevenage Anti-Cuts Union will be standing in the local elections to fight all cuts, unlike the Labour council that sacked 45 workers and cut services.

We will be standing under the banner of TUSC - trades union and socialsit coalition against the cuts. Please if you'd like to stand please let us know ASAP if you wish to stand up for your local community and your public services you treasure dearly that labour, tories and lib dems feel we can all do without. NO big society can bridge this gap, once these services are gone and our jobs are gone they will not be coming back. SO act now before it is too late.

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