Monday, 9 May 2011

The hardest hit march, May 11th Disabled people fighting for dignity

This wednesday myself- hhopefully if i can get there and thousands of other disabled people will be marching in centrel London organised by several disabled groups including Scope, RNIB, MENCAP amoung many many others.

Disabled people will sadly be the hardest hit when these cuts start to bite. We are already seeing cases of some on disability support benifits being hounded to come off of their benifits to go ona much lower job seakers allowance. In some cases this is causing so much stress it is leading to patients wanting and in some rare cases taking their own life as they feel sucha burden to the state and others around them.

This i find absolutely disgusting and our polititains should be utterly ashamed of themselves. The rich greedy bastards want to make the people who are worst off in society pay for the mess they had nothing to do with creating. It is a outrage in my opinion and this government needs to be shamed. Not only this government but the one before was no better.
The previous labour government, the one who claimed to care so much for the poor and disabled people were the ones who started this ball rolling. The tories and the lib dems are just carrying this program through a lot quicker.

So if we want to look at who started this we can look no further than those smug labour MP's some who have gone on to get nice jobs in teh lords now for starting a attack on the working class and most notably the disabled of us out there.

I myself wrote a little piece in the socialist paper last week i do hope you can read it. It not only features me but has some excellent points in the article too.

But as for the march on wednesday we aim to tell this government they are wrong and shame them for their inhumane actions of making the working class and the disabled pay for this mess while their rich friends in the city get off scot free and even get themselves tidy little tax breaks. How nice for them !!

So much for making those with the broadest shoulders shoulder the burden ay Mr Cameron ?

Everything that comes out of a tories mouth is a lie i'm afraid and they cannot be trusted so they must be opposed and stopped.

SO please do join us if you can on Wednesday 11th of May.

The march will begin on Victoria Embankment between Horseguards Avenue and Bridge Street and will assemble at 11.30. There will be a rally on Victoria Embankment with speeches between 12.00 and 12.30 before the march sets off. The march will then begin at 12.30.

The march will take about an hour. It will take in Victoria Embankment,Parliament Squareand Millbank and finish in Dean Stanley Street.

Methodist Central Hall, which is near the end of the march route, will be available as a quiet space during the day.
The lobby

After the march the group will be lobbying MPs as the Welfare Reform Bill reaches a critical stage in the House of Commons. They will be sharing their stories, making sure that Parliamentarians understand the combined impact of the cuts on their lives and futures. Crucially, they will be asking MPs to challenge policies that will push disabled people further into poverty and isolation. The lobby will take place in Westminster Hall and Methodist Central Hall between 13.30 and 17.30.

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