Sunday, 1 May 2011

Young people of today betrayed by the media

I was talking casually to a guy in the pub last night and we got on to the news and the world we live in and all that and it turned to young people. As i'm still relatively young myself i found this interesting to hear this guys views on things.

The guy must have been in his 60's i would imagine and he made the point that young people are no different today to what they were back when he was a young lad growing up. He made a strong case to say that back then jobs were far easier to come by and the opputunities were there for all if they wanted them.

He said that coupled with the media trying to paint young people constantly in a negative fashion the employers are prejudice to young people thinking they are all the same and no one wants to work.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I agreed with this guy on many points but i think this point he raises is crucial.

I posted on this blog not so long ago that unemployment figures for todays youth is staggeringly high with many graduates leaving university not being able to find work. It is no easier for those who do not attend university and the point university i will revisit during this piece.

Even if you do not attend university there are no better chances for you either sadly. I dont like to paint a negative picuture of things myself eitehr but the sad facts are that there are very few jobs around at the moment. Certainly even fewer for the more practical people out there. I ask you where are the aprenterships for kids leaving school who possibly havent done so well academically but are still vital workers if trained properly.

I think another side to this is the fact due to capitalisms crisis at the moment and i see it contuining still no business or factory are willing to take a risk on a young untrained person. No one will take a school leaver under their wing and train them up. They would much rather go out there and pluck a foreign worker already trained and ready to go for next to nothing.
Now i'm not saying that is nessesarily wrong many companies do do that as money is everything to many companies now a days but where is the government in all this trying to encourage companies and firms to take a chance on a young person and train them up ?

But instead as i eluded to earlier the government seem to hold the youth of today in contempt take the trebeling of tuitian fees and the scrapping of the EMA grant to many less well off working class students.

Many people who aer parents now will probably most likely have had a better life than their parents but for the first time in many years kids growing up today may have less chances and a less chance of finding a job and moving on in life due to these deep rooted problems.

Lets make no mistake this is not a problem which has just come about over night. It has been a gradual selling off of our manufacturing industries under Margret Thatcher and previous labour governments. There is very little manual labour work out there it seems and even less opputunities to learn a trade either.

I and the excellent campaign backed by the socialist party - youth fight for jobs all agree that the youth of today are just as willing to work as ever and more than happy to pay their way and work for a living if the opputunities are there. Ok we all may need some encouragement from time to time but i personally think we are doing our children a great dis-service by running them down in our capitalist media. I think the youth of today is vitally important as what they learn now will be kept with them for life. So investing in our childrens future is no better way of keeping a country on the right track.

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