Monday, 16 May 2011

In who's hands is the NHS safe ?

As we sit here listening to David Cameron plead with us all to believe in his latest NHS reforms we are left wondering in who's hands is the NHS safest with ?

The tories plans to hand more power to doctorsa nd consultants giving them the power to over see budgets and letting them make decisions on where teh money is spent. They aim to bring in consortiums with groups of doctors and medical profesionals making the decisions for us. People who are not trained in dealing with big budgets and management are being asked to do just that.

Apparently this is now in the national interest according to call me Dave. Where have we heard this before ?

But the question is would this all be even possible if new labour hadnt opened the door to private investment.

Back in 2001 Tony Blair introduced a scheme called PFI. Privately funded iniccitive in other words.

This key decision which lead to private money filtering into the NHS like a poisonous toxic threat is about to have its door rammed open by these tory reforms.

So when people in the labour party say the NHS would be safer under them and they set it up so understand it best we do have to question their history with the organisation.

No doubt waiting times came down under labour and satisfaction levels shot up but as a consequence this has opened up the door to privatisation which in all honesty the tories have always wanted to do.

With the health secretary Andrew Lansley financially backed by private health firms clearly there are alterea motives at play here.

As much as the tories and David Cameron like to spin this bill it is clear what their eventual goal is.

We all realise that the NHS cannot stand still whilst our population grows and grows, especially our elderly population but selling parts off will not solve this.

A big re think by all needs to happen now. Not just a pause in proceedings of the bill but a total scrappage and a starting again with it all.

I believe the best people who know how the NHS should be run are the patients. If they are happy with how it is right now then leave it alone. If it needs e xtra investment then do that but always always keep it publically funded for the benifit of all not just the few.

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