Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The lengths capitalists will go to protect their system

Every ruling class has attempted to give the impression of its here to stay and it will always be this way but we know its not true. Capitalism hasnt always been around forever as in the fture it will not be around forever. We are passing through a turbulant period of heightened class struggle where teh capitalist system is rocking at its very core. It is strugglign to find anyway out of this crisis it finds itself in.

As i blogged about the other day the lengths capitalists will go to to protect their assets is extraordinary. Lord Ashcroft the tory peer went to great lengths to hide his shady dealings.

So in the future to save the capitalist system with more and more general strikes in country after country i can see a situation where the capitalists turn on eachother. The ruling class has been known to turn oon each other. They can work together but not like we the workers do with our class solidarity they use ita s a means to a end.

As we always say as socialists the bourgeoisie have no hang ups about ditching democracy when it suits to preserve their system from meltdown. It may seem remarkable to us ordinary folk but what matters more to them ultimatly ?

it is the continuation of the wage labour system of exploitation of workers and their labour for the benifit of a rich minorities profits.

That's why i can see a situation where if the financial capitalists are causing too much grief for other capitalists say industrial capitalists and its affecting their profits somewhat i can see them turning on eachother and really going after the banking sector in a way. Just look at this week it may seem all hot air at the chief executive of RBS Steven hester who turn down his bonus which he would have got in shares anyway. There is clearly a feeling within the ruling class that the bankers may have to take the wrap for getting them into this situation.

Now dont think oh they have suddenly become socialist and believe in our ideas this is purely to prevent revolution in the future when teh mass's are banging at teh door demanding action to be taken. This false if you like anger at the bankers from capitalist polititains is clever as it looks like they are taking them on but in reality they wont be. They may sacrifice a few as symbols of them looking tough but ultimatly the basis of the capitalist system will be preserved as best they can.
So we must be wary of any little tactic or ploy the capitalists employ and be intelligent to realise when we are being mugged. As teh capitalist system will not collapse on its own as Marx said there is no final crisis of capiatlism if not over thrown by a revolution of the mass's taking power then capitalism will ultimatly find a way out even if that is long tough and drawn out and painful for many.

Its teh choice we face in the coming years how do we take on capitalism and hit it wheer it hurts. Only by mass action of the united working class can we have a impact. General strikes occupations, dividing the state and looking to expose the system whereever we can will be key.

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