Thursday, 23 February 2012

Water shortages and droughts in the UK, what is the solution ?

On Monday the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) revealed that much of southern and eastern England was officially in a state of drought.

Hosting a drought summit Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said groundwater levels in parts of south-east England were lower than in the infamously dry summer of 1976.

So with water shortages and droughts a real possibility now in the south east of England in particular with this being the most densely populated area in the country to we are left wondering what we shouldd o.

As socialsits we reject the idea that natural resources like water and sunlight should be privatised to enable rich boss's to cream off profits for a select few.

We would agree with the capitalists who are starting to make noises of moving water around the country to share out resources. But where we differ from them though is that we would base this on need not profit. We would put forward the idea of nationalising the water companies and bringing them into public ownership. This would enable ordinary water workers to draw up the needs of the people in a given area of the country and work with other parts of the country to best divide the resources that we need. This would all be possible as the money would be there as it wouldnt be being pocketed by rich boss's only interested in profits.

With extra money there to invest in decent water resources we could then become far greener by investing in purification systems to recycle water from the seas around us which we are surrounded by to then meet the needs of the people. This would all be possible under a socialist planned economy where the need for profit was taken out of the mix.

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