Saturday, 11 February 2012

Socialist party youth organise the fightback

This weekend is the annual get together of the youth section of the socialist party of England and Wales. I sadly cant make this meeting but know many comrades who will be there and have no doubt will be well represented from all parts of the working class.

i am gutted i cant make this actually as last year this was the meeting that decided that the young comrades would reanact the Jarrow march 70 years on from the original march. What a fantastic march and demonstrations up and down the country linking up with workers in struggle and other struggles going on that was. I remember meeting the marchers and the young comrades on that march when they came to Hertfordshire.

A fantastic idea and a great way for youth fight for jobs to get off the ground. A new organisation fighting for a better world for young people focusing on jobs for young people with branch's into education and student life too.

The weekend in London of the youth meeting will be a chance for all young people who feel that the current system of 9 k fees, no EMA and increased marketisation of our education system with a record 1.2 million young people out of work and not in training. This is a major crisis not just for young people but for theirs and our futures. As young people are the future it is about time young people found their voice and got organised.

The socialist party and socialist students have been on the ball right from the word go they recognise that young people are part of the working class and are like them, being made to pay for a crisis not of their making.

They realise no party no longer speaks for them in Westminster with the Lib Dems going back on their promises to stand for free education for all by signing up for trebbled tuitain fees and over seeing the scrapping of the EMA grant. They cant clearly be trusted. Neither can the Labour party who introduced tuitain fees in the first place and have already said they'd have doubled tuitian fees if they were in power. that too is not good enough. Dont even let us mention the tories and their plans doesnt bear mentioning.

But young people are as much a part of this fightback as the public and private sector workers. With a proposed walk out in the next month or so called by the NUS it is socialist students and our young comrades who will be at the front of leading walk outs and linking up battles in the public sector with workers fighting for a fair pension for all.

With March 28 looking like a new date for co-ordinated strike action in the public sector it is essential any student/youth struggles planned must be co-ordinated along with this day to create the biggest wave of impact possible. With teachers in the NUT and UCU possibly walking out on March 28th imagine the wave of action of all of their students walking out alongside their teachers and lectuers what solidarity that would give to all involved and send a strong message to this government that we have not gone away and are still prepared to fight.

As i say i am sad i cant make this weekends youth meeting but eagerly await news and updates on the outcome of our activities for this year and as and where we can interveen in struggles and be on the picket lines and demonstrations having a impact with our material offering an alternative to this mad twisted rotten capitalist system of greed and exploitation.

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