Saturday, 31 March 2012

3 cheeks of the same buttock

This was the phrase used by George Galloway this week as he stormed to victory in Bradford west. He was referring to the fact that labour, Tories and lib dems are all very much the same these days, Serving capitalism and looking after the rich and big business rather than ordinary people.

You can understand Tories and lib dems doing this as they have never been in touch with ordinary workers but labour it is a disgrace that they sit their condemning strikes, supporting cuts and doing Tories dirty work for them. They claim as their left of their party claim that they have the union link. This union link is weaker than ever before and I’m sure if you ask many trade unionists they would not object to disaffiliating from the labour party and having their political fund put into proper causes and to supporting campaigns that support workers. The simple fact that all 3 main establishment parties today subscribe to capitalism being the only show in town gives us on the real left a huge opportunity to make in roads in this coming period.

Wit the need for a new workers party greater than ever I think TUSC can gain a big echo out there among people.

I mean why on earth you would vote for your job to be cut slowly by the labour party or quickly by the Tories. That is no alternative at all. People want an alternative they want a choice a vote they can feel proud of.

TUSC doesn’t command a big pool of support as yet and we’d be foolish to claim it does but for people to have that alternative on their ballot paper at least gives people the opportunity to express a desire to move away from the major political parties and get behind a credible alternative which I feel TUSC can develop into.

But George Galloway’s victory highlights something else. It wasn’t just a vote for him but a complete rejection of the major parties in an area that is largely working class. The argument that he only won due to the Asian vote is wrong he gained support from across the board and posed as an alternative to people. We don’t of course agree with all that George stands on but it shows the echo that can be had by posing as an alternative with a clear programme to defend people’s living standards and not to attack them like the main 3 parties look to at any chance they get.

You can fit a cigarette packet between the policies of Labour, lib dem and Tory these days there is very little difference they all look to try and manage capitalism better than the other. Te reality is capitalism looks after a minority and their wealth not the majority and their living standards. A transformation of society towards a socialist planned economy where people’s needs were put first every time would be the sort of society I strive for and look to convince others are entirely possible. Nothing stays the same forever, we haven’t always had capitalism. The seeds of a new better equal society are in the womb of the current society we live under it will take the working class and the mass’s to realise this to unlock the potential of the mass of people on this planet .

A big opportunity is opening up in front of us we must be bold and not be afraid to try and convince people of an alternative. People will be actively looking for it they may just not know it yet.

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