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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The NHS is not lost, we can still win!

With so many feeling the NHS is seemingly lost if it goes through the houses of parliament and many feeling dejected we must remind ourselves that the poll tax was made law before it was defeated along with Margaret Thatcher and her Tory government .
It is nonsense to tell people we only have so many days to save the NHS or if the lords don’t save us no one will. Some have even started calling for us to lobby the queen to save the NHS, yes you heard that right the sodding queen!!

Unbelievable you may think but sadly true and the desperate state of people is clear their petitions and emails to their MP’s have not worked as we pointed out unsurprisingly we need more militant action now moving on to the industrial plain.

But to start with a mass national demonstration to bring all the forces together on a similar scale to march 26th last year and then use the threat of strike action as a tool to force the government back on this.
I don’t for one moment have any illusions that the labour party or unison are interested in a real battle after all it was much of the same labour party policies that got the NHS to where it is today so they cannot be trusted. We must do it alone with trade unions willing to fight a proper battle and community activists and NHS users to all come together to fight to the very end on this. More of the same wont work we need to escalate the action and put a shot across the government’s bow that we mean business and not letting our NHS go lightly.

It is key now that we start thinking of standing nurses, doctors and medical workers in elections not under labour but as TUSC or independents to gain a political voice. I have already read some are thinking of doing this as an act of revenge on the government. The vehicle already exists for this to happen with TUSC workers can move on to the political plain and mould TUSC into a fighting campaigning electoral force that can raise the banner of the NHS.

The NHS can still be saved we must not get demoralised or dejected but keep on fighting and step up the campaign in every town and city across the country. Leading to mass national industrial action if need be.

Let’s make the NHS Cameron’s poll tax and have the Tories out as soon as we can!


  1. Patricia M Farrington18 March 2012 at 14:57

    This blog has given me a bit of hope when I was feeling really dejected about MY NHS being decimated. I agree that it can be saved if we keep up the momentum we have just now and do not allow ourselves to sink into apathy...all too easily done.
    I remember the Poll Tax: I worried myself witless that my student children refused to pay and were being chased all over the country by the collection agency.However I admired their tenacity and this is what we have to do again. Unfortunately a great deal of damage will have been done to services and it will be the devil's own job to reverse changes already implemented.
    I'm not quite so despairing when I read articles like yours. You are probably very much younger than I (most people are!) and I have lots of faith in you all who are working for this goal. Keep up the good work & don't let the bastards grind you down!

  2. thank you very much for your comment, indeed your right we do need hope at the moment, Its very easy to get down and feel dejected about it all but we have to think the NHS will always be around for as long as therea re people to fight for it, i am sure many are prepared to fight for it but havent quite got the right tactics and strategy yet, they are still hoping above all the lords or something will come to the rescue i think their belief in such unelected peers is misguided and we must be looking to mobilise in our communities, trade unions, local anti cuts groups and coming together for a national demonstration on the size of march 26th 2011 then threatening to take industrial action over this if that is what it will take. I am young yes and very optimistic of a better world is possible and am prepared to fight for it. However difficult it looks. thanks for the comment once again

  3. TUSC candidates need to be out now, doing the doorstep stuff the other parties do. It is no good hoping that names on ballot papers will be enough. Sometimes the acts of enemies are the tacticts of the victors.