Thursday, 1 March 2012

For a national demonstration against workfare

Youth fight for jobs proposes a national demonstration including other groups fighting workfare to come together and demonstrate on a national level giving a wider broader platform to the message that we are not going away until workfare is scrapped. The right to work campaign and the Boycott workfare campaign have been contacted to ask their thoughts on the proposal and we await their response. Youth Fight for jobs suggests sometime in June would be a good time to hold this but clearly this is not set in stone.

We feel that bringing activists who oppose this rotten slave labour scheme together on a bigger scale can have a bigger impact in forcing the government back on the matter.

What proof of how rotten capitalism is that in 2012 young people have to demand ‘a day’s pay for a day’s work’! It’s not like these companies can’t afford it. McDonald’s Corporation reported profits of $1.38 billion last year!
If people want work experience, it should be fully paid with a guaranteed job at the end and it should provide useful experience. The Work Programme is nothing more than providing free labour to increase the profits of big business.
The Con-Dems have been forced onto the back foot already. We demand decent jobs with decent pay. Protests, linked with the trade unions, need to be stepped up until the whole Work Programme is scrappe

Youth fight for jobs demands

• Keep up the pressure to force all remaining companies out of the Work Programme
• All unemployed people currently on a placement to be employed in the position on a proper wage
• Scrap the Work Programme entirely
• A minimum wage of £8 an hour, regardless of age
• Mass investment into a programme of public works to create socially useful jobs and real apprenticeships with guaranteed jobs at the end

for more information please contact youth fight for jobs at
and on twitter @youthfight4jobs

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