Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fighting the cuts to tax credits

Over the last few days IDS Ian Duncan Smith has come out to say too many people are dependent on tax credits and labour fueld this boom of tax credits. In one sense he has a point tax credits were used by new labour to fuel a credit boom which meant people could have a top up on their wages. Just like myself I do not earn nearly enough to even pay any forms of tax so I can claim tax credits with a extra disabled bonus to it which still isn’t much it means I get a extra 70 pounds a week roughly this does really help and puts money back in the economy. But it’s masked the true trend of peoples wages stagnating and falling back in many cases. The government subsidises low pay hand has done for many years now both labour and Tories have held down wages while executive pay has soared beyond imagination there’s a huge huge gap now between the low pay of ordinary working people and the bonus culture and huge telephone number salaries at the top. So its not that we are dependent on tax credits its more the fact our wages are so lowland poor we have to rely on a top up to even survive in today’s economy even tax credits aren’t enough for many now with more working poor having to use food banks and the like to just feed themselves. This is the cold reality of capitalism which is failing the 99%. The wealth of the 1% is streaming ahead and all these attacks we’re facing to tax credits now next in line are seeing a huge transfer of wealth from the poorest to the rich. The majority of people in receipt of tax credits like myself are in work be that part time or even full time this gets employers off the hook and means they are not forced to pay a decent wage to their works. The labour party’s sudden fascination with a “living wage” is another smokescreen as in affect the new living wage under labour would raise wages sure but would in affect create a new higher minimum wage which as we all know is pretty pathetic and really doesn’t help many at all. In fact many companies still get away with not paying a minimum wage still till this day. I blogged about this scandal a year or so ago and this still goes on in 2013. So why the labour party think a living wage would be the answer I don’t know. What we really need is a proper true living wage which’s linked o inflation rising with inflation so our money can buy back the goods we produce. Of course under capitalism this c an never happen as our social wage can never put the capitalists profits at risk we will always be limited to a certain amount of increase in our wages but what is certain it’ll never threaten the very existence of capitalist production itself where the unpaid labour of a wage labourer is more than what the capitalist gets back. Our wages are always a percentage of the work we do as the capitalist extracts their profits from our unpaid labour and are always trying to lower wages, increase the working day make us work faster and faster or such like. Ultimately the wage system can not meet the majority of peoples needs and does need over throwing too just like the whole capitalist system too. Profits extracted for the benefit of a few rich capitalists while using government subsidies in the form of tax credits means the rich are laughing all the way to the bank. Its time to expose the capitalist system for what it is, learn its inside workings through the teachings of Karl Marx and Frederich Engel’s and learn its weakness’ and how we can best change society to meet the needs of the majority.

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