Thursday, 3 January 2013

Opposing tory David Lloyd PCC pay for your crime idea

Our undemocratically elected Police and Crime Commissioner in Hertfordshire who received a embarrassing turnout to grant him a lovely annual salary of 80 k plus has come out with a reactionary right wing idea today. Yes this may come as a surprise but I thought it needed a response. If David is willing to debate with a local socialist I’m more than happy to oblige, I very much doubt he will have time though to speak to one of us plebs. Suspects should be charged for being kept overnight in police cells, a police and crime commissioner (PCC) has said. David Lloyd, PCC in Hertfordshire, said the "honest taxpayer" should not be forced to meet the cost. Instead criminals "should be punished in the pocket", Conservative Mr Lloyd said in an open letter laying out policing proposals. Hertfordshire Police said it was "working closely" with Mr Lloyd. Mr Lloyd said he thought "most people" would agree with his plan. Chase payment "Putting people up in cells overnight really is a very expensive part of policing and is almost always the fault of the individual," he said. "I think most people in this country would say [offenders] should pay for it, not the honest taxpayer." What an utterly ridiculous thing to come out with. It’s always the fault of the individual is it David? What about the social factors which can lead to a individual turning to crime be that through desperation addiction to drugs due to pressures of capitalist society or being driven to mental illness through work including depression and can lead to all sorts of difficulties in the community should these also be made to pay for their crimes they commit ? David Lloyd the conservative PCC in Hertfordshire who also wish’s to bring in G4S in Hertfordshire to run our police service seems to have spoken his mind in a hugely right wing reactionary fashion. He claims many people would agree with him I wouldn’t be so sure. He also claims not everyone will pay it will be something we’ll have to look at closely dam right you will it’s a ridiculous idea and something that is unworkable in so many ways. Crime for me is often a class issue like many things in society it is bound up in the class relations in society where many are left on the scrap heap with no future from a system which does not care for them. Much like with the riots in 2011 much of the sentences handed out were political trying to make a statement giving out 4 year sentences to someone who had stolen a bottle of water I ask you, seriously? I do wonder where the labour party is on this issue nationally and locally so far we’ve heard nothing from them. Given how tough they were on crime and civil liberties I wouldn’t be surprised to see them keeping quiet n this one too. Or is that the scent of hypocrisy rising again I can smell. Socialists are not against tackling crime and more often than not it’s the working class affected more so by crime but punishing criminals in the pocket further isn’t going to solve anything. How about properly funding a decent rehabilitation policy with funds for creating a future for people who fall into crime for whatever reason that may be.

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