Friday, 11 January 2013

London to loose 12 fire stations with over 500 jobs going, fight all cuts!

Its been reported today that London is due to loose 12 Fire stations and over 500 workers as a result of these huge cuts recommended by the London Fire Commissioner. This will have a devastating impact on London and the Fire services ability to deal with large scale fires and disasters if and when they occur. This wills not only put people at risk it will also risk many people’s homes and business’s which need protecting too. Boris Johnson who is slowly ripping into London’s public sector jobs and services in his second term of office cannot hide from these eye watering cuts these are his cuts and his cuts alone. It will be interesting to hear the Labour party and what they have to say on this no doubt they will oppose these cuts in words but in actions what will they do? A petition her and there will not keep a fire station open I’m afraid. The Fire Brigades Union lead by Matt Wrack a good fighting socialist need to lead this battle bringing on board anti cuts campaigners, local community members and the local residents who will loose these Fire stations. Other stations not affected need to link up with those under threat saying to Boris Johnson and his Tory chums no to all closures we wont accept closure of one for keeping another open that’s divide and rule and something the Labour party are very good at we should campaign for no to all cuts in the Fire service and for a investment in the Fire service keeping all services and jobs in the public sector with good levels of pay. This is a service we cannot do without if god forbids there was a major fire in London again loosing this many fire stations would be crippling to the city. We cannot allow these cuts to happen and every possible tactic and strategy must be considered including the threat of mass strike action over these cuts. As I’ve blogged before unions have many reasons of which to call national strike action on this is just another one to add to this list. Save our fire stations, no to divide and rule and for a fully funded publically accountable fire service that benefits the many.

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