Thursday, 4 July 2013

Trust a short word a big meaning

I’ll admit I find trusting people difficult throughout my life. I put it down to broken promises and most good people who have come into my life have usually at some point walked out and left me. I have tendency to not trust people and think they will always end up leaving me hence my natural dis trust of leaders and those who say they are speaking for you and claim to act on your behalf. Its not that I think these are naturally bad people or people who are not any good they may well be but I dies trust them by default as I’ve learnt over the years that good people in my life don’t tend to stick around too long. I think trust is a short word but with a big meaning. I think people should have to earn your trust not be given it automatically. For me as a blind person too trust is a big part of my life having to put my trust in people a lot of the time to get by in life. Take for example my taxi drivers I use to get to work I am pretty sure they have ripped me of far few times or short changed me I have now got myself a note detector to check what note I’m giving and be sure to not be caught out. This is not due to me thinking all taxi drivers are bad people and out to get me but I find it hard to trust people. The old saying once bitten twice shy is quite apt in my situation. Once I’ve been done once I am wary of going back again. This can be mistaken for me being wary of a leadership or an outside body but it is simply me being wary of myself self preservation if you like. Trusting people takes time and is not an easy thing to do. I can admit I’ve been cheated on in the past and it hurt me badly I don’t have any shame in admitting this I found it hard to love and trust again but I did but ever since I’ve taken longer to trust people than I might have otherwise before. True people won’t mind this and will understand our concerns and our natural dis trust those who cant understand or won’t understand who are just frustrated by this are not worth bothering with in my opinion. Those who have got time for you will make time and effort to put you at ease around them. Those who don’t don’t deserve your time in my view. The ability to trust as humans is a interesting thing some fin it easy to trust and end up being classed as gullible and if your not your out cast as a worrying wreck who fears everything and anyone. Both ends of the spectrum you are not considered “normal”. What is normal anyway? What is normal and trustworthy to one person is not and untrustworthy to someone else. We are all different and should be treated as such. Feelings are complicated things and working out how each other feel has lead many to write reams and reams of books on the matters but only we as individuals can understand ourselves at times this may take longer than others but understanding yourself and how you feel in certain situations is a first step towards helping others understand you. There is no shame in admitting your feelings but do be careful who you admit them to I’ve had my feelings turned against me several times and it is hurtful. Do be careful who you trust but also learning when to let people in is key we will know when it feels right and when it does not. So in summary trust is an important human emotion not to be confused or over looked. To some people struggling with it isn’t a sign of failure but something that others should be aware of and look to put them at ease and build a bond.

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