Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bureaucrats will be bureaucrats

Today was the Durham Miners gala a big fixture in the labour movements calendar and hot after the recent decision by Ed Miliband to weaken the trade union link between the trade unions and the labour party even more this was always going to be a hotly contested miners gala with various strong opinions on show. Len Mccluskey disappointed me and not for the first time. He came out in support of Ed Miliband his favourite Mp right now and shows no sign of stepping down in his support for the labour leader. Len disappoints me as the socialist party actively critically supported him in the latest leadership election which he romped home as expected. I can proudly say I did not vote for him and I am so glad I didn’t. What I have heard since has less than convinced me that Len is nothing but a left bureaucrat who speaks radical and likes to pose left but will be one of those filing in to 10 Downing St as and when Milibnd gains power as he most likely will do in 2015. I have no shame in admitting I could not vote for Len or Hicks in the last general secretary election no one stood out for me. Comrades told me Len had moved the union to the left which he may have done but still I felt unite was no where near good enough and a vote for Len is a vote for slow yet study progress which is not good enough in this current period. Yes he may have reluctantly supported the sparks eventually but he did not do it by his nature he had to be forced into it. Neither Hicks nor Len support a breaking of the labour link they all call for a reform and a democratisation of the political fund which indeed the socialist party do support but I don’t think this goes nearly far enough. Len McCluskey is a prisoner of the bureaucratic elite in unite and its useless layer of full time officials I’ve had the unfortunate experience of knowing a few and my god if they are the best the union has we are seriously fucked. I’d say all in unite and Len in particular should take head of what Bob Crow said today at today’s Durham miners gala and whilst Bob annoys me in the fact he does not mention TUSC he at least has the right direction of his political outlook. Len unfortunately as much as the socialist party don’t like to admit it is a bureaucrat and what do they do? Look after them and always will do. Their role as Miliband has probably told him is to keep the workers down and not provoke trouble before 2015 where Len and Miliband hope to ride to victory with the labour party. Luckily we have some good trade union leaders including Bob Crow of the RMT union who I’ve always liked and states it as it is. Being quoted in the Daily Mirror today Bob Crow says: An RMT press release: RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: "When Tony Blair is wheeled out to underpin Ed Miliband's attack on the affiliated unions than you know that this is a panic move driven by the demands of big business and a right wing media who would prefer that the working class have no voice at all. "RMT was expelled from the Labour Party almost a decade ago and in that time we have actually increased our political influence as we have had the freedom to back candidates and parties who demonstrate clear support for this trade union and its policies. "With this latest assault by Labour on the unions the time is right to start building an alternative political party that speaks for the working people and the working class communities that find themselves under the most brutal attack from cuts and austerity in a generation. "Clinging to the wreckage of a Labour Party that didn't lift a finger to repeal the anti-union laws despite 13 years in power is a complete waste of time."

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