Monday, 4 October 2010

Murdochs media empire

After watching dispatchs tonight on channel 4, i was horrified to hear how much power Rupert murdoch actually whelds now. To have murdoch within a earshot of the most powerful man in britian, the Prime minister. I for one am very worried about where this will eventually lead to.

I afor one am really worried how the right wing media - news corp can influence the government at quitea high up level.This is not healthy for a democratic country i feel.

I think the communications advisor to david cameron is in a really dodgey position now and now this documentary has aired people will be more aware of the shadey world of the media in this country now.

The most worrying party is the role of the police in all this, they sem to have their hands tied in waht they can do. i think their reputation is on the line here if they are not careful.

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