Monday, 16 April 2012

Are the rich feeling charitable ?

Allot of noise is being made of late about the rich and the levels of tax they pay. David Cameron wish’s to see a return of a society where the rich pay towards helping the poor more.
Philanthropy in other words. This is not to help the poor or to benefit them but to aid the rich in reducing their tax bill by giving some of their wealth away. The rich don’t do things to help the poor if there isn’t anything in it for them. Call me cynical but the rich only care about increasing their own wealth.

With Cameron and his Tories trying to replace public services with charity this is their idea of helping the poor. It’s an insult and highly patronising and all this is to aid the rich and their conscience.

The Tories say charity is more important than ever before but this is nonsense as they carry on cutting charitable funding from the government .
The better way to help the poor would be to reverse the cuts and invest in socially useful jobs and services to get people into work instead of making rich donations to ease their guilt of exploitation the poor which is fundamental to capitalism and the mode of production.

With the rich evading huge figures of tax a year a huge drive to tax the rich a hell of a lot more is desperatly needed with the aim of eventually bringing the commanding heights of the economy into public hands under workers control to benifit the millions not the millionaires

It’s time we pointed out charity should not be needed if society was equal and there wasn’t such huge gaps in wealth between the rich and the poor. It’s time to end this unfair system and replace it with a socialist planned society based on people’s needs over the benefit of a few rich individuals.

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