Friday, 13 April 2012

Justice for the 96. remembering a tragic weekend.

This weekend see’s a big FA cup game between two famous rivals in Everton and Liverpool but one thing fans will be united on this weekend will be respecting the poor 96 families who lost loved ones on that April weekend back in the late 80’s. No fan should ever go to a football match and not return home.

The chant and slogan of justice for the 96. But the fact that in 2012 there is still not justice is a disgrace.
So recent revelations in the last few months will do nothing to help the families who still have no answers all these years on.
In A leaked document says that the then chief constable Sir Kenneth Oxford told Margaret Thatcher's aide, within days of Hillsborough, that the main cause of the tragedy that cost 96 lives was that Liverpool fans were "drunk" and "ticketless." He hadn't attended the game nor did he carry out any investigation in the days that followed.
These were lies and factually incorrect comments. The inquiry found the disaster's major cause was South Yorkshire Police's failings in crowd control. The media in the past tried to shift the blame from poor policing to the fans. As the inquiry found that Liverpool fans were not to blame for what happened, who was?
No individual has ever been named as having a responsibility or duty of care.
The panel from the inquiry sifted through over 400,000 government documents on Hillsborough and many are still to be examined. So Merseyside people wonder why our chief of police's feeling that it was Liverpool fans' faults has been leaked? An attempted smear campaign?
Prominent public figures will surely be named in the documents. So the one leak from 400,000 that blames the fans is publicised.
In 1989 we called for a labour movement inquiry to determine who really was to blame, and we are still determined to win justice for the 96.

So this weekend regardless of the result between Everton and Liverpool football clubs we all know deep down that there is still justice to be done and many questions left unanswered. Many fans are hoping this is uncovered before Margret Thatcher dies as she may hold a lot of information from back then. It is right and proper that justice is done and I for one as a Everton fan hope it is.

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