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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Why I won’t be watching the Grand National

Well as well as the fact I’ll be campaigning for anti cuts working class TUSC candidates to get elected I will not be watching the grand national this year or ever. The fact that the horses are badly treated and many have died due to the huge field of horses competing is a disgusting sight. I don’t see how anyone could get hyped up and excited in such a blatant form of animal cruelty. This is all in the back drop of a huge profitable race which brings in millions to the bookmakers only interested in making a profit from this spectacle.

To me this event should be banned its wrong on so many levels in my view and I certainly wont be indulging in a cheeky bet at all. I’ll not be watching it either I remember when I was younger my family watching it and seeing those horses hit the floor so hard after falling those huge fences which are the size of half a house on some jumps and you just know once that horse has gone down that’s it they are not getting up from it.
Every time the human riders get up no sweat sometimes they break a bone but can recover whereas the poor horses are often put down as to the owners they are not good for them anymore this is a horrible act of cruelty to animals and no thought for the injured horse at all only the lost profits that they will loose them. It is not the horses fault it doesn’t win or falls over they are pushed to the very limit by the jockey’s who need to win for profit motives and their own winnings too. It is a disgrace and I do not agree with it.

I wish it would be banned personally.

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