Thursday, 19 April 2012

Why this weekends Bahrain grand prix should not be going ahead

This weekend to many peoples astonishment the formula one world championship heads to Bahrain. Despite all that has gone on in that country over the last year the boss’s of F1 is still intent on heading to this country with its fair share of issues.

The semi-feudal dictatorship crushed pro-democracy protests last year and has used torture and show trials against its dissidents.
This weekend Bahrain is due to host a F1 motor racing event. F1 teams are participating on the grounds that the event is "safe", and multimillionaire F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says 'don't mix sport and politics'.
Other reasons might be that the UK based McLaren F1 team is 40% owned by Bahrain's ruling family who also own 50% of the McLaren car group and that the event is worth $25 million to F1.

It is clear to me that the money for this event is far more important to the likes of Bernie ecclestone and the like far more so than the killings of innocent people protesting against their dictatorial government in Bahrain. If the boss’s of formula one had any conscience at all they’d cancel this race and respect the people of Bahrain and not rub salt in their wounds. It is an insult to hold a race like this as if nothing has happened and is still happening today. No doubt the security will be water tight there and the drivers will be safe but that is no consolation to those ordinary Bahrainians on the outside fighting for a better life for themselves struggling to get by day to day.

To me this symbolises everything about capitalists that they value their money and increasing their profits over the safety of others. They don’t care that hundreds and thousands of people in Bahrain have been brutally tortured and oppressed for months on end just as long as their precious GP and money keeps happening.

But hey what are a few people dead they will never have known to a capitalist wanting to increase his profits though

What it will do is show to the world that profits are put ahead of ordinary people even more. Its time that this was stopped and peoples freedom granted once and for all.

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