Sunday, 21 April 2013

Are you sick of your boss? Youth fight for jobs say enough is enough!

Youth Fight for Jobs have a new campaign launched a month or so ago now called sick of your boss. It is aimed at all those young people who are not in a trade union in particular to organise the youth. If you’re in a low paid dead end job or in and out of work and at your boss’s mercy all the time this campaign is for you. Youth Fight for Jobs is launching the Sick of your Boss initiative. There are many many young people who make-up part of the rapidly growing so called ‘precariat’. ‘Hannah Parker’ (pseudonym), 21, a young pub worker and supporter of Sick of your Boss, said: “I’m attending the Sick of your Boss London launch events, because I’ve had enough of low pay, insecurity and dead-end jobs. I’m a graduate in Social Policy and want the chance to use my skills help people, but since finishing university I’ve been pulling pints with no prospect of moving on. Like thousands of young workers I face appalling conditions on a day to day basis. Last week I was called a bitch by a customer, but my manager told me I still had to serve him. I don’t get my rota for the week’s work until Sunday evening. I have to work until 2ARE and then start again at 9AM the same morning! I now know that this is actually illegal. My erratic hours mean I can go 24 hours without eating. My company makes millions and my managers always talk about their bonuses, but they won’t pay me or my colleagues a penny more than the minimum wage.” Ian Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs spokesperson said: ‘George Osborne’s successive budgets of cuts and misery threaten to leave behind a ‘lost generation’. On top of the 1 million unemployed youth at least another million are underemployed in insecure, low paid, part-time and temporary work. Osborne’s budget cut corporation tax for companies engaged in super-exploitation of young workers. But we will still face soaring living costs, benefits slashed and public services cut to the bone. Who will be hit hardest by this budget? Young people, workers, the poor and the vulnerable. It’s time to fight back.’ ‘Hannah Parker’ and Ian Pattison are available for interview. Youth Fight for Jobs was launched on 2009 in response to rising levels of youth unemployment. We have recently completed the 330 mile Jarrow March for Jobs. Youth Fight for Jobs hit the headlines in 2012 for campaigning against ‘workfare’. We are supported by the Unite, PCS, RMT, CWU, UCU, FBU, BECTU and TSSA trade unions. For more info you can contact Youth Fight for Jobs on 020 8558 7947 or 07749379010, email, and follow us on twitter @youthfight4jobs

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