Monday, 15 April 2013

Policing on the cheap in Hertfordshire

It’s been revealed today that new recruits in Hertfordshire’s police force will be earning 2 thousand pounds less than they used to according to new plans unveiled today. The Tory Police and Crime Commissioner who never miss’s an opportunity to have his voice in the media has been speaking out today. Herts Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd HERTFORDSHIRE’S £75,000-a-year police chief supports the reduction of a constable’s starting salary to £19,000 per annum. Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has backed the national plan to reduce new officer’s salaries, despite his Surrey and Hampshire counterparts going against the proposals and offering a higher amount. New constables joining Herts Police will now be on £2,000 a year less than before the recommendations on reform, made by the Police Arbitration Tribunal, and were accepted by Home Secretary Theresa May in January. Speaking at a meeting of Braughing parish council last Thursday, Mr Lloyd said: “I believe in the market. “You will still have 50 people applying for every job at £19,000. “They get a bloody good job, a great pension at the end and have a great career. “I think it’s a wonderful job and people are quite happy to start on £19,000. “I will look at the market if no one’s applying.” Officers in Hertfordshire will start on £19,000 if they join with no experience, but they will receive an annual regional allowance of £2,000. The package works out to £403 a week, £92 a week less than the average for the East of England. Mr Lloyd’s salary works out as £1,442 a week. Chair of the Hertfordshire Police Federation Neil Alston believes the lower starting salary could lead to narrowing of expertise in new recruits. He said: “I understand Mr Lloyd’s appreciation and worship of the free market principle, but there’s some more complex issues. “There might be lots of applicants, but they might not be the right applicants. “If you are a married person with a family to support you might not feel able to apply to join the police. “The diversity, and I mean that in every sense, may become very limited. “There might be plenty of fish to catch, but they might not be the right fish. “It’s likely to only be young people who probably live with their parents who can live on that sort of money.” Mr Alston acknowledged constables would be able to climb the salary ladder quicker than before, but he could see officers being poached by London’s Met police as it offers a greater package of benefits, including free tube travel. SO it looks like we’re doing policing on the cheap in Hertfordshire What socialists say? Police should have the democratic right to join a trade union and Fight for the right to strike For decent pay linked to average national earnings No to a two tier pay structure causing division To bring the police certainly the rank-and-file closer to the labour movement as they have more in common with workers at the lower end than the ruling c lass at the top.

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