Saturday, 20 April 2013

The alternative TUSC offer

Many workers may not have heard of TUSC – The Trade union and Socialist Coalition and that is understandable we are small and have no mainstream profile with any big business backing. The media has also made a concerted effort to sideline any of our ideas or tell people about us at all. During the last local elections there was a complete black out against us which we have trouble in countering given we have no way of accessing mass media apart from the internet and our own communications within the working class. But this may a vote for TUSC in the county council local elections will represent clear vote against the cuts. We don’t just talk about fighting the cuts we are ordinary trade unionists fighting day to day in our workplaces and our communities to fight cuts and support local campaigns. We do not expect to receive a huge vote this may our vote is constantly squeezed by those wanting to punish the Tories voting for the nearest party who can hurt the Tories and that is so far a vote for the labour party despite labours poor record in fighting cuts locally. TUSC is an electoral vehicle and is not as yet a new workers party we are quite clear about that but it is a vehicle for those opposed to the cuts to appear on the ballot paper and provide an alternative which we would otherwise be denied. I am standing for this first time and I’m proud to be standing for TUSC. I don’t expect to get a big vote at all but I’m happy that I can be able to be that alternative in Hertfordshire. I like the federal structure of TUSC allowing each part of the coalition to get on and campaign on their own terms but sticking to the main policies that all TUSC candidates must agree to before standing. We are often told a vote for TUSC and any minor force is a wasted vote I personally don’t accept that. It is a continues thought that someone feels your worth a vote its showing that your vote hasn’t been brought by a pro cuts party and that people have registered what you are staying and do want an alternative. People may not always agree with us and feel we’re a bit too broad or even reformist but it’s a start a clear break with the main 3 capitalist parties of cuts and privatisation. TUSC may end up not being the new mass workers party we are flexible maybe a union like unite may break away from the labour party in which case we’d back that as a positive move away from the labour party and an effort to get something new going. We will have to see how things progress and what way the class struggle develop. The trade unions hold the key to any new working class political formation as that is where the organised working class struggle on a day to day basis. In many ways the trade unions have forgotten how to struggle to fight for their members we do need a rejuvenated trade union movement but this will come when workers feel they have no choice but to struggle and begin to reclaim their unions back for themselves again. TUSC are right to stand this may and it’s important that we do to counter the growing threat from the right including the likes of UKIP. We do need to be aware of the UKIP threat and look to cut across them by giving a clear class alternative along socialist lines. We will be the only force this may with 120 odd candidates standing against all cuts. No other formation can lay claim to this. Vote TUSC for no cuts for a workers representative on a workers wage.

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