Thursday, 25 April 2013

So you’re disabled and political?

Yes that’s right I am. Many people think as I’m disabled and registered blind I shouldn’t have a voice I shouldn’t hold strong opinions. Even your own family sometimes think well they don’t have it so bad what they got to protest and shout out about. Well there is this little thing called compassion and solidarity for your common neighbour which is hugely lacking from society today. The times when we would look out for our fellow man and woman in the street to see if they were ok let them know if they’d left window open or take in their post and milk if not in. Just common decency has vanished out of society along with the addition of neo liberalism trumpeted by Margaret Thatcher and every PM ever since her. So I’m disabled am I not allowed a voice? Should I be grateful for what I got and should think I could have it a lot worse? I don’t agree I think it’s rare but a good thing a young disabled person like me has developed political ideas. They may not all be to peoples liking I accept that. As a socialist with Marxist views I know I’m in the minority and probably will be for some time. But Marx and Engel’s were always in the minority but that didn’t stop them being right on many issues. I accept many will not agree with me and I do not try and ram my views down people’s throats but I’m always happy and willing to discuss in a comradely fashion with anyone. I debate passionately and believe strongly in my views this is not to say I think I’m always right this is a common misconception with socialists we are perceived to have all the answers. We have a guide to action but do not have all the answers no one does. But being disabled doesn’t mean you’re any less likely to hold strong views and I think more should be encouraged to take up political ideas. I never saw myself as political at one point but was politicised by the rampant cuts agenda being pushed through by this government which is hitting the poorest the hardest. Everyone’s awakened at different moments and some never will be and prefer to keep their head down n and hope things improve. I just simply prefer to try and do something about it. Speed up the process of people coming to the understanding of society needing to be changed to meet the needs of everyone not just the few. Being disabled and political are not mutually exclusive categories and you can be both much like you can be a woman, a black person gay and whatever and hold views. As I’m disabled I’m told I shouldn’t speak out so much and that I should leave this to the politicians. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t know many disabled working class MP’s and none of the others are prepared to speak up for us and lead a change in society. Do not let anyone tell you to be quiet or stop speaking out the more that do and begin to think for themselves the better in my view plus the more who draw socialist conclusions are even better in my view. Workers and disabled people unite you have nothing to loose but your ability to think.

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