Saturday, 23 July 2011

The absolute relentless drive for profit

I have a good friend who is a comrade of mine who has recently seen himself made redundant from a well known pharmaceutical company around the world. The drive for profit within this certain company which i best not mention just in case is so great that a compulsory redundancy program has had to be enforced. The fact that my freind who is a very good union man who is a union rep at his place of work standing up for good honest workers who do not wish to go and have no choice has been victimised.

My freind now has found himself out of thi company and looking for a new job. But i do not like the way these big global business's goa bout their work. Attacking any who stand up for the workers and do not like the way the workers are pushed from pillar to post and the way they are treated. I cannot blame them i always side on the sides of the workers even if my view is described as "black and whiteW" sadly this is how the capitalists want us to appear. Sadly black and white is the only way the capitalists will only have it. That the workers are the things we can get rid of to protect their profits not taking a less of a profit for one year to keep our good hard workers on.

To me as a socialist i just do not understand the need for more and more profit beyond that that will do you over nicely. I am of the view that as long as you can get by and live ok and a little bit more that is enough why do you need anymore. It is a terrible thing that humans have become greedy and profit hungry in times of capitalist greed but i do think it is the system we live under which fuels this emotion rather than people themselves.

I truely believe under a different system of society say socialism that a message sent out from the top that profit is not all what it is about rather than providing for peoples need would filter down throughout society much like the message that more profit more greed is good in society like we live under today sadly.

The example of my friend working for a well known pharmaceutical company which makes 8 billion pounds a year and 8 thousand pounds per employee is quite enough i'd say and craving more just exposes the system we live under in my view.

I feel the victimisation of union reps during these times will only increase sadly with the crisis of capitalism increasingly too. The fact that any workers are willing to stand up now and be counted must be to the bravery of them workers. The capitalists are looking for scape goats and will crack down heavily on any worker willing to stand up.

Sadly this was my friend at his last job willing to put his head on the line to stand up for other workers. Does he get any tahnks or credit ? no sadly not but from me and this blog he will always do so. If any union rep or member is prepared to stand up for waht is right and take on the management i comend them.

Not enough unions or union members are taking up the battle against management and the system as yet. On the 30Th June we had 750,000 + public sector workers out on strike but this is just the start. Getting a class based contiousness back in to workers is the start. Instructing them who the real enemy is is key too. The fact that profit can so often go before workers needs and rights is not on in my view and the socialist society i invisige would be based on peoples need far before the need for anyones profit.

What good is peoples profit at the end of the day when people are starving and cannot feed themselves due to the insuficient wages the workers recieve. It is time to be countedand time to stand up for waht is right.

It is no time for half hearted reforms or half baked compromises we know exactly what we are aiming for as revolutionary socialists lets spread the word and influence others who wish to join with us against the battle of profita nd need of all.

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