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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Disgraceful care cuts leave disabled woman undignified

Day in day out now we seem to come across news of horror stories of the cuts. Now they are starting to bite news stories like these will become more and more common i'm afraid as this brutal system of capitalism looks to claw back any gains we as the working class have made.

Despite being promised that these cuts would not hurt the worse off in society evidence such as this news story would go flat against that claim.

Charities have described a decision by the Supreme Court to turn down the appeal of a disabled ex-ballerina for an overnight carer as "shameful".

Elaine McDonald, 68, took Kensington and Chelsea Council to court over its decision not to provide her with a night carer to help her use a commode.

The court ruled the council had acted lawfully in reviewing her care plan.

Ms McDonald, from west London, who had a stroke in 1999, said the ruling was very upsetting.

The five-judge panel turned down her challenge by a 4-1 majority - described by Age UK as shameful.

The stroke left Ms McDonald - who was once a star of Scottish Ballet and received an OBE in 1983 - with reduced mobility and needing to use a wheelchair outside.

She appealed to the highest court in the UK after losing her case against the council at the Court of Appeal in London last October.

Councillor Fiona Buxton, from Kensington and Chelsea Council, said the ruling showed it had acted fairly and appropriately.

She said: "It shows that we have to balance the needs of very many people we have to look after, when considering the needs of one person."

Forcing someone to sleep in their own urine and faeces could not be more undignified”
This is really humiliating for the poor woman who is having to make do with incontence pads as a carer to help her to the bathroom at night has not been granted permission.

It is clear that this council, Westminster council is more concerned about saving money than caring for its residents needs. I feel quite disgusted by the action of these people, How can they go home and sleep at night knowing people like Elaine are having to live like this. This is no way we in the UK shuld be treating our people who need help and support in 2011. We are one of the richest countries in the world for heavens sake.
The council will save about £22,000 a year with the new care package.

and what is 22 thousand pounds a year to a council who has to save millions over the next years . I'm sure if a chief executive differed his or her bonus or all the workers and councillors for the council took only the wage of a average skilled worker in their area like the socialist party suggests that any elected representitive shuld do there would be more than enough money for Elaine to recieve the help and support she quite clearly needs.

This to me further highlights the affect cuts are having at a local area nd the brutal nature of the ruling class to grab our money off us for themselves to fund their lavish bonus filled lifestyle.

It is not on and a change in society is needed now i say.

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